Video: A-1 – “Doing the Most/Carry the Ghost”

Join the Celebration as A-1 Parties Through the Streets of San Francisco in His Frenetic New Video, Premiered By SF Weekly 



Critical Praise For A-1:

“A-1′s style has a similar kind of funny, free-for-all feel as post-Mac Dre rappers like [Roach] Gigz, but has a sly rap style that is distinctly his own.” – The FADER

“Easily one of the illest emcees I’ve heard over the last few years.” – OkayPlayer

The Video:

A-1 brings the ruckus in his new video for “Doing the Most / Carry the Ghost,” which debuts via SF Weekly alongside a Q & A. There’s sheer anarchy in the streets of San Francisco, as A-1 and his crew celebrate the hometown Giants winning the World Series. “The two sides to the celebration served as inspiration for rapper A-1,” explains SF Weekly, continuing their description of the video by observing that he “starts by rapping over party-ready steel drums that eventually give way to a more anxious beat and police sirens.”

The visual is separated into two acts, which perfectly represent the distinct sides of A-1. In the first act, A-1 and his crew run rampant with reckless abandon. Amid the growing chaos A-1 shines bright, always proving to be the life of the party. Whether he’s dancing with random girls or turning up on car hoods, A-1 proves he’s indeed “doing the most.” However, as Act II begins we see A-1 become serious as he raps about “carrying the ghost” of his deceased grandparents and the difference between his biological and street family. The most intriguing moment of Act II is seeing various people jump through a bonfire. This moment encapsulates what makes A-1’s music different from his peers. A-1 isn’t afraid to jump through the fire when it comes to experimenting and pushing the boundaries of hip-hop, even if he gets burned in the process.

“Doing the Most / Carry the Ghost” is the first taste of A-1’s forthcoming project, Thurlian, which is set to drop in early 2015. The former of the merged songs is produced by Mikos Da Gawd and Left Lane, while the latter tune was produced by Julia Lewis.

Watch “Doing the Most / Carry the Ghost”:

Check out the premiere and Q & A with A-1 via SF Weekly:

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A-1 Background:

Born Adam Traore, a first generation US citizen to West African and Italian parents, A-1‘s music is constructed around vivid stories of growing up in The City while searching for happiness and self awareness. After the release of After School Special, a mixtape based on 90s television shows, he gained a fan base through internet buzz while still living on his friend’s couch.  Soon after, he released his follow-up The Book Of Adam which was received so well, he quit his day job the day after the listening party.  With 2012’s The Thurl Tape, A-1 has been acknowledged by publications such as the FADER and Complex.  Equipped with a heart filled with passion, an insatiable desire for creativity, discerning eyes and ears for quality, and a plan to spread his music to as many people as possible, A-1 is poised to be the first name in music lover’s iPods in the very near future.

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“Doing the Most / Carry the Ghost”:


“Summertime Sadness”:


“Summertime Sadness” Remix:

“The Ritual”: