Album: AD x Sorry Jaynari – The Last of the ’80s

The Two Frequent Collaborators Share a Collection of Trunk-Rattling, G-Funk Throwback Slappers


 Critical Praise:

“Chunky street-level grit vibing through ratchet beats, squiggly synths and aggro spitfire”Red Bull

He can rap in double-time, and he can deliver an absolute monster hook when he wants to. Mostly, though, he just wants to run through walls like a juggernaut. And when you’re listening to him, you get the feeling that you can do the same thing…the next time you’re trying to pull the roof off a Hyundai Excel with your teeth, you’re going to want some music like this in your life.” – Stereogum

The Project:

Bringing a fresh enthusiasm, sharp lyricism, and hi-def production value to their distinctively West Coast music, AD and Sorry Jaynari create a 21st Century version of G-Funk. Following up 2016’s well-received By The Way, the rapper/producer duo returns with Last of the ’80sanother set of high octane bangers about life in South Central Los Angeles. Released by Priority Records, an iconic label in the history of West Coast rap, Last of the ’80s is a deeper look into the mind of AD, who populates Sorry Jaynari’s immaculate tracks with thought-provoking, personal rhymes, as well as sharp jabs, menacing threats, and colorful boasts. Featuring appearances from Wiz Khalifa, Tory Lanez, OT Genasis, Kid Ink, Eric Bellinger, G Perico, and Kool John, Last of the ’80s is a thrilling listen and a vital resurrection of the spirit and sound of late-’80s/early-’90s-era gangsta rap.

Explains AD, “I was born in 1989 so I have an in-depth look at hip hop and how it’s changed over the years. We’re bringing a new spin on a older formula. Music now gets old quickly. People listen to you for maybe a month and then onto the next. It’s so available. Back then, you had to wait for it. You had to go out of your house and go buy an album and then it became the only thing you listened to for months at a time until the next hot album came out. Now I’ve got 8,000 songs on my phone, at my disposal. We want to bring back that special feeling when you have an album that’s going to be the only thing you listen to for months at a time. We want to be the soundtrack of the streets and a voice for the people who don’t really know the culture of the westside.”

Compton-born rapper AD spent years cultivating a huge following in his home state, eventually garnering critical acclaim for his mixtape Blue:89, a gangster rap epic with party jams and social commentary. A member of League of Starz, the production collective partially responsible for crafting the booming California club sound, Sorry Jaynari specializes in glistening turn-up jams, producing hits for Problem (“Like Whaat“), The Game (“T.H.O.T.“), and Eric Bellinger (“I Don’t Want Her“). Spanning 10 adrenaline-pumping tracks, the West Coast duo’s Last of the ’80s boasts highlights such as the club-ready OT Genasis-featuring “Basic,” the cautionary tale “#CripLivesMatter,” and the Wiz Khalifa-featuring rider’s anthem “Leakin’” alongside as-yet-unheard tracks such as the 8-bit banger “Who Dat?,” featuring Kool John. With AD’s high-energy bark and facility with rhythmic hooks perfectly complementing Jaynari’s pristine instrumentals, Last of the ’80s is a true collaboration and a continuation of the great West Coast rapper/producer lineage that includes Snoop & Dre, DJ Quik & Suga Free, and DJ Slip & MC Eiht.

Last of the ’80s //

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AD & Sorry Jaynari Background

Born in Compton and raised by his grandmother, AD cultivated a massive fanbase in his home state, receiving radio play on L.A. rap station KPWR for his hit single “Juice.” AD garnered critical acclaim for his mixtape Blue:89, a gangster rap epic with party jams and social commentary. A member of the League of Starz production collective, Sorry Jaynari is a mainstay on West Coast Radio, producing hits for Problem (“Like Whaat“), The Game (“T.H.O.T.“), and Eric Bellinger (“I Don’t Want Her“). Together, the rapper/producer duo combined for By The Way, released in Summer 2016, and their next project, Last Of The ’80s, is out now.

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Last of the ’80s: //

“Leakin” ft. Wiz Khalifa:

“#CripLivesMatter” ft. G Perico:

“Basic” ft. OT Genasis:

“Thug” ft. YG:

“Strapped” ft. RJ and G Perico:

“Tap In” Feat. E-40 & Nef The Pharaoh:

By The Way: