MP3: A Million Billion Dying Suns – “True Reality Lies Beyond the Cosmic Horizon”


Critical Praise for AMBDS:

“A Million Billion Dying Suns is raw as f*ck. And it’s not just the whiskey talking.” – Boots Riley (The Coup & Street Sweeper Social Club)

“…washes of beautiful, unrelenting, but reigned in noise; glorious noise.” – Impose

“…a pulsing rush of dance-floor beats, bubbling hot like a sun flare. Mercereau’s voice floats out into the ether like a stranded astronaut as the song spirals towards oblivion, only to be pulled back down in the gravity swell of a massive, soundscape-altering guitar solo.”Consequence of Sound

“A Million Billion Dying Suns sound as dramatic as their name implies, with long, lush textures within pulsing noise pop.”Best New Bands 

“A Million Billion Dying Suns have created a swirling ball of gasses that leave me spent yet rejuvenated after every listenStrawberry is filled with atmosphere like a muthaf*cker…” SYFFAL

“…a hurricane of good vibes…with a rich beat that makes you want to dance…AMBDS certainly transcends earthly limitations.”The Deli Magazine

The Song:

Despite the rousing success of their debut release Strawberry EP, everyone’s favorite transcendental space-rockers aren’t content to rest on their laurels. In a new, non-album single entitled “True Reality Lies Beyond the Cosmic Horizon,” A Million Billion Dying Suns combine their trademark psychedelic sound with hard-hitting guitar riffs reminiscent of Rage Against the Machine. Although face-melting solos should come as no surprise to AMBDS fans, frontman Nate Mercereau‘s solo in this track reaches such temperatures that “scorching” is no longer an adequate descriptor.

The makers of the portable action camera GoPro chose to feature “True Reality Lies Beyond the Cosmic Horizon” in a recent TV commercial starring Olympic gold-medalist snowboarder Shaun White. While the tracks’s spacious refrains mesh elegantly with the surreal visuals of White flying through the air, “True Reality Lies Beyond the Cosmic Horizon” is equally exciting from the confines of your bedroom. The song was also showcased on New Noise Magazine on Friday.

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A Million Billion Dying Suns Background:

A Million Billion Dying Suns is the project and child of Nate Mercereau, guitarist, singer and principal songwriter. Formed in San Francisco, the band is a transcendental wall of sound that lives up to it’s own name. Band members include Steve Wyreman (guitar), Josh Lippi (bass), Derek Taylor (drums) and Ben Schwier (keys). Members of the band have performed and recorded with artists across the musical spectrum. Nate Mercereau with Sheila E and Chaka Khan and Steve Wyreman with Richard AshcroftLauryn Hill and NO ID. As a band they have backed Darondo, Alice Russell, Wallpaper., and Chuck Prophet. Despite their affiliations, AMBDS chooses to transcend musically through the raging chaos of the infinite universes, channeled through the wailing and ruling of their guitars. This fall, AMBDS is set to release a 3 song EP entitled the Strawberry EP.

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“True Reality Lies Beyond the Cosmic Horizon”:

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