Album: Baby Bash & Frankie J – Sangria

The California-Based Duo Behind Smash Hits “Suga Suga” and “Obsession” Deliver a 13-Track Burst of Sunshine


The Album:

Fusing Contemporary Latin Pop and West Coast rap with a touch of class, Baby Bash and Frankie J are proven hitmakers and crafty songwriters. Teaming up for a joint project, Baby Bash and Frankie J share Sangria, a 13-track dose of Mexican/American ear candy. With Baby Bash’s suavely confident rhymes complemented and enhanced by Frankie J’s soaring vocals, Sangria is a pleasing hybrid of pop, hip-hop and Latin music, speckled by acoustic guitar melodies, syncopated percussion, and an endless array of hooks. Though the duo have previously collaborated to great success, Sangria, premiered by VIBE, is the duo’s first full-length collaborative album. With previously released hits like the West Coast fantasy Candy Coated Dreamer,” and the Billboard-premiered, speaker-knocking slow jam Body Yo Body,” Baby Bash describes the album as “The saucy Spanglish album for the lovers, dreamers, and people with great vibes.” Featuring appearances from Kap G, Paula DeAnda, Ozamatli, C-Kan, Kid Frost, Jay Tee, MC Magic, Marty Obey, and Chiquis Rivera, Sangria arrives via EMPIRE.

Explains Baby Bash, “Me and Frankie have had multiple top 5 hits together and solo. Sure, it seems like 12 years between collaborations is a long time, but the Musical Timing feels so perfect now. It’s time to give the people the Best of Both Worlds. From the fly Mexican American Experience… Sangria tour will bring Class and genuine music back.”

Explains Frankie J: “For the fans, it’s as though it’s been 12 years. But it’s simply because the songs hadn’t seen the light of day. We felt it was time to keep them from waiting. We wrote new songs. Attached some of those that were written a while ago, renewed the production so it could fit the sound of today. And the final product is what you will hear in our album Sangria.: The sound of Mexico and America put together in a musical piece. I think the biggest misconception of Mexican/American music is that you must do one or the other. You can’t do both. You can’t do Mexican music unless you speak perfect Spanish.. And you can’t do American music, unless you speak perfect English. But I say, this this has all to do with faulty thinking. It’s ignorance in people’s behalf. I was born in Tijuana, Baja California Mexico. And I was raised in the US. And I’ve done very well in both sides of the fence.”

Born in Houston to a Mexican mother and white father, Baby Bash has collaborated with the likes of Snoop Dogg, E-40, T-Pain, Mac Dre, Akon, Fat Joe, Mario and others, charting three albums and three singles on the Billboard charts. Born in Tijuana, Mexico and originating his career in San Diego, Frankie J was one of the most popular Latin pop stars of the 2000s, finding crossover success when he #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 with his hit “Obsession,” and earning a Grammy nomination in 2013 for his album Faith, Hope y Amor. In 2003, Baby Bash and Frankie J found their greatest success when they collaborated for “Suga Suga,” a romantic, guitar-driven love song that became a radio smash. “Suga Suga” reached the Top 20 in ten different countries, including peaking at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100, and ranked #77 on Billboard’s Year-End chart for 2013. The song experienced a resurgence in 2015, when Swedish producer Robin Schulz sampled the track for his international hit “Sugar.” The duo re-teamed in 2005 for the remix to Frankie’s “Obsession” and worked together intermittently over the years. Describing their creative partnership, Frankie J says, “What Bash brings to the table is a feeling like no other co-writing partner I’ve ever had. As soon as he steps into the studio, his vibe is to simply win. He’s always open to suggestions, concepts, melodies, lyrics etc. He brings out the best in my ability to deliver a great vocal performance. We just kill it every single time.” With Sangria, the duo reunites for a full-length project, recreating the chemistry that made “Suga Suga” such a smash.

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