Video: BandGang Lonnie Bands – “Helluva Life

The Street Savvy Detroit Rapper Spits Fire From His High Rise in the Latest Video from Hard 2 Kill: Reloaded

Critical Praise:

“For once, everything in Detroit hip-hop is clicking, and KOD is a step closer to Lonnie reaching a breakthrough that so many Detroit icons before him couldn’t.” – Pitchfork

“With effortless stick talk and references to Scooby Doo, Jerry Rice, and King Tut, the Detroit rapper passes with flying colors.”Consequence

The Video:

Fitting pearls of wisdom and merciless witticisms into his elastic bars, BandGang Lonnie Bands can go bar for bar with rap’s best. Strutting his lyrical stuff in his latest video, Lonnie shares the latest dispatch from his Helluva Life.” Riding a vintage Detroit beat, with speaker-rattling 808s and dramatic piano arpeggios, Lonnie takes time to vent, kicking off his verse with one of his trademark off-kilter flexes (“I been on the graveyard shift, I’m a vampire/Hmm, I need a Richard on my wrist, with them sapphires”) before he plumbs the depths of his paranoia (“Man these lil’ ass n****s say our name in every f*cking song/Lonnie bring the band out, tell them boys to drum roll”), and closes the song by touting his fearlessness (“I can talk that sh*t cause I’m still livin,” he repeats). In the video, directed by AXA, Lonnie surveys his city from a high rise, flashing his ice and daring his opposition to step to him and see what happens.

“Helluva Life” is a highlight track from Hard 2 Kill: Reloaded, Lonnie’s recent expansion of his acclaimed 2021 project Hard 2 KillH2K: Reloaded adds a new layer of depth to its predecessor, reflecting BandGang Lonnie Band’s state of mind since H2K’s October release. On Featuring nine new tracks–including BandGang posse cut “4 Paid & Jizzle“–that build on H2K’s imperative energy in the wake of a near-fatal shooting, H2K: Reloaded offers a more introspective look into Lonnie’s psyche as he grapples with his new lease on life. As the project progresses, Lonnie wrestles with perceptions of feeling ostracized and misunderstood as he solidifies his legend, and it’s not hard to see why. Whether rapping, hustling, or both, it’s lonely at the top with a light that shines like Lonnie’s. The project is home to recent singles like the playful “Bam Bam” and the incendiary intro track “My Brother Keeper Pt. 2,” Hard 2 Kill: Reloaded is streaming everywhere via TF Entertainment.

With over 100 million YouTube views in the bank, BandGang Lonnie Bands has spent the past five years proving that he’s one of the best bar-for-bar rappers in the game today. He made his name as one of six members of BandGang, a Detroit collective that helped bring the piano-heavy sound that now dominates Detroit to the forefront. The 26-year-old rapper showed his bonafides as a solo act with his 2020 KOD project, acclaimed by Pitchfork, and expanded his audience with guest appearances on tracks by Shoreline Mafia, Drego & Beno, and more. Though the last two years have been hard, punctuated by Lonnie’s near-death experience (when he shook off three gunshot wounds, including one to the head) and the loss of several close friends including BandGang Paid Will, the rapper emerged from his trials stronger as a man and an artist, determined to support his family by doing what he loves most–making music.

Watch “Helluva Life”: https://youtu.be/7N-BCjqBrOI

Stream Hard 2 Kill: Reloadedhttps://pushdistro.lnk.to/Hard2KillReloaded

Hard 2 Kill: Reloaded Tracklist:

  1. My Brothers Keeper, Pt. 2
  2. Bam Bam
  3. Need Ppl Like Me
  4. No Fakin
  5. Voodoo
  6. Drego & Beno
  7. Helluva Life
  8. Flute
  9. 4 Paid & Jizzle ft. BandGang Javar, BandGang Masoe, BandGang Biggs, & The Godfather
  10. H2K
  11. Rich And Dangerous
  12. Bullet Proof
  13. Hot ft. EST Gee & The Big Homie
  14. Where Is Marshall
  15. Marlow
  16. Glocks & Choppas ft. Young Nudy
  17. HI5 ft. VVS Beezy
  18. Gnarley ft. Nhale & IAmTK Peso
  19. Snow ft. OhGeesy
  20. Lock Jaw
  21. Foreva Rollin ft. BIG30
  22. Shoulda Got A Verse From Drake ft. OnFully
  23. Big Creature
  24. Murdah
  25. Gate Keeper

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The Background:

“I got something to prove right now. I feel like my breakout moment hasn’t even come yet,” declares BandGang Lonnie Bands. A forefather of Detroit’s ongoing Rap renaissance, Lonnie has amassed over 100 million video views across dozens of tracks and visuals that stream into the six and seven figures. Introduced as a standout member of the six-man BandGang crew, Lonnie has carried that momentum into collaborations with Shoreline Mafia, ShredGang, and others. However, after a string of mixtapes and albums, the pressures in BandGang Lonnie’s private life affected his stride. “I lost everybody,” he admits of tragedies throughout his family, rap group, and inner circle. Over two years, pain transformed into perseverance. On October 7, BandGang Lonnie Bands emerges with his H2K album. Hard To Kill refuses to retreat. Across 16 songs featuring Young Nudy, BIG30, EST Gee, and others, Lonnie insists his moment has arrived. “Can’t nobody mess with me on this one. This album is coming from the soul.”

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“Helluva Life”: https://youtu.be/7N-BCjqBrOI

Hard 2 Kill: Reloaded : https://pushdistro.lnk.to/Hard2KillReloaded

“My Brother’s Keeper Pt. 2”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqEPkhzvQZg

“Bam Bam”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEtWe-wmwqI

“Where is Marshall”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpdR6MnIlDU

“Lock Jaw”: https://youtu.be/yuJZ4o9OoSA

“Foreva Rollin” ft. BIG30: https://youtu.be/l12a3SmnErw

Hard 2 Killhttps://push-distro.lnk.to/Hard2Kill

“Glocks & Choppas” ft. Young Nudy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91M-jW_CA4w

“Hot” ft. EST Gee & The Big Homie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9CmoL-EilQ

“Shoulda Got A Feature From Drake” ft. OnFully: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhK9f3UcGPo