Wave-Leading Detroit Collective BandGang Announce In Too Deep, a 30-Track Mixtape Arriving August 3rd

The D-Town Heatseekers Recruit the Vallejo’s SOB x RBE for “Ain’t No Problem” a Furious Posse Cut from the Upcoming Album


Critical Praise

“With short, uneven phrases and a rise-and-fall style that approximates the patterns of speech, [BandGang Lonnie Bands] seems intent on developing a fresh approach that is as mesmerizing as it is unpredictable.” – Complex

“BandGang is on fire in Detroit right now”XXL

The Announcement:

Bringing a ferocious energy and a chaotic collection of personalities, BandGang leads a busy new wave of ascendant Detroit rappers. Capitalizing on momentum from a number of cult hit YouTube videos and acclaimed solo projects, BandGang announces In Too Deep, an upcoming epic 30-track (!!!) mixtape. Emerging in the mid-2010s, BandGang pioneered the distinct style powering the burgeoning Detroit rap scene, marked by flows that fall slightly ahead of the uptempo beat, menacing piano arpeggios, and hard-hitting, reality-based lyrics. Though they have not yet developed the national profile of many of their contemporaries, BandGang’s sound has been a huge influence on rappers like Tee Grizzley, Sada Baby, and FMB DZ. Featuring appearances from SOB x RBE, Mozzy, Philthy Rich, Drego, and more, In Too Deep is a treatise on street maximalism and a tribute to the charismatic power behind the new Detroit sound.

Consistently clocking over 1M views for almost every video they drop, which earned them the title of “YouTube Kings,” BandGang cook up some of this generation’s best, hardest-hitting records. Bursting onto the scene in late 2013, BandGang garnered attention for creating an endless array of street slappers, including local hits “Out My Business,” “Slippin‘,” “On a Safe,” “Flip Work,” and many more. With each member contributing a different flow and vocal style, BandGang has a remarkable hit percentage, racking up an impressive number of videos over 1 million YouTube views. With critical attention from Noisey, Complex, XXL, HYPEBEAST, HotNewHipHop, and others, BandGang is ready to bust out of Detroit and make a national impact.

Connecting crews for an addictive and hyperactive posse cut, BandGang recruits Vallejo collective SOB x RBE for Ain’t No Problem,” their latest single. With a total of eight verses, three from Bandgang members BandGang Paid Will, BandGang Masoe, and BandGang Lonnie Bands, four from SOB x RBE, including a smooth hook from Yhung T.O., and an additional appearance from Detroit rapper ShredGang Mone, “Ain’t No Problem” is less a collaboration than a merger, highlighting the deep similarities and connections between Detroit and Bay Area rap. Premiered by HYPEBEAST, “Ain’t No Problem” is follows the bracing video for Narcotics 2,” which has over 140,000 views on YouTube.

Pre-order In Too Deephttps://Empire.lnk.to/Intoodeep

Check out the HYPEBEAST premiere and interview with BandGang Javar: https://hypebeast.com/2018/7/bandgang-aint-no-problem-sob-rbe-shredgang-mone-stream-in-too-deep

Listen to “Ain’t No Problem” ft. SOB x RBE & ShredGang Mone: https://empire.lnk.to/Aintnoproblem // https://soundcloud.com/tr4620-bandgang/aint-no-problem1

In Too Deep tracklist:

  1. “In Too Deep” by BandGang
  2. “Come From That” by BandGang
  3. “Regular” by BandGang
  4. “Aint No Problem” by BandGang (feat. SOB X RBE & ShredGang Mone)
  5. “Say So” by BandGang
  6. “Break It Down” by BandGang
  7. “Narcotics 2” by BandGang
  8. “Bag In:” by BandGang (feat. ShredGang Mone, Shay Gooph & HP J Rock )
  9. “At My Door” by BandGang
  10. “Going” by BandGang
  11. “My Niggaz” by BandGang (feat. Mozzy)
  12. “G.A.N.G” by BandGang (feat. ShredGang Boogz)
  13. “Right After” by BandGang
  14. “Sirens” by BandGang, Lil Beno & Drego
  15. “Whole Party” by BandGang & BandGang Biggs
  16. “5am” by BandGang & BandGang Masoe
  17. “Facts” by BandGang & BandGang Paid Will
  18. “Rainman” by BandGang & BandGang Lonnie Bands
  19. “Ball On You” by BandGang
  20. “My Type” by BandGang
  21. “Nobody” (feat. Classic Chill)
  22. “Heavy” by BandGang (feat. ShredGang Mone)
  23. “No Rules” by BandGang (feat. Tooda & Nuk)
  24. “Back & Forth” by BandGang
  25. “Foreign” by BandGang (feat. Philthy Rich)
  26. “Realest Ever Get” by BandGang
  27. “Whole Life” by BandGang
  28. “Act Like Us” by BandGang
  29. “Not One Time” by BandGang
  30. “Walls Closing In” by BandGang


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The Background

BandGang Is a group of six rappers, BandGang Lonnie Bands, BandGang Masoe, BandGang Biggs, BandGang PaidWill, BandGang AJ, and BandGang Javar,  based out of Detroit, MI. Each rapper has their own style, delivery, but they all bring a collective of mass appeal. BandGang broke onto the scene in late 2013 with their street hit “BandGang or No Gang”. Since then, BandGang has released several street hits such as, “Out My Business,” “On a Safe,” “Flip work,” and “Outro.” BandGang earned the nickname “YouTube Kings” for their success, having several videos  with over a million views. Bandgang is on their way to making underground history in Detroit’s hip-hop culture.


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“Ain’t No Problem” ft. SOB x RBE & ShredGang Mone: https://empire.lnk.to/Aintnoproblem// https://soundcloud.com/tr4620-bandgang/aint-no-problem1

“Narcotics 2”: https://youtu.be/rY13nLh_fb0

“Out My Business”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCkLnRFVfBQ

“Slippin'”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pWZDudROP8

“On A Safe”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwVlgzWH34I

“Flip Work”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5V_87V1YPo