Video: BandGang Masoe – “Let Us In”

With His God’s Boy Project On the Way, the BandGang Member Hustles to the Top in New Visual



The Video:

The industry may not be paying attention, but BandGang Masoe and his crew have been tirelessly putting on Detroit, releasing heater after heater while representing the streets they grew up in. In Let Us In,” Masoe shows his prolific work ethic and unmatchable flow. Trying to get his family and friends out the hood, the young artist demands the shine he deserves from the music industry and label executives. With his “God’s Boy” video earning over 244k views on YouTube, and his forthcoming God’s Boy project coming in the near future, BandGang Masoe is on his way to do just that.

“I got inspired to make ‘Let Us In’ when I was sittin’ in the studio one day, and my manager, Poody, told me I should make a song talking to the labels,” BandGang Masoe explains.  “I’m better than some of the rappers that the labels are used to seeing… that’s how I got inspired to make this song. It was aimed towards everybody who has ever overlooked us [BandGang]. Not just labels, but anyone who has yet to discover us and our music.”

One-sixth of Detroit rap collective BandGang, Masoe is making waves in the Detroit scene with his slick tough-talk and malleable flow. Spending the past few months perfecting God’s Boy, along with an upcoming group album from the full BandGang due late in 2017, BandGang Masoe is looking to cement his place in the rap game.

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“Let Us In”:

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