Video: Big Jade – “Dem Girlz” ft. Erica Banks & BeatKing (Prod. by BeatKing)

The Rising Texas Rap Queen Flips David Banner for a Towering Trap Anthem from Her Upcoming Debut Project Pressure

Critical Praise:

“Beaumont, Texas loudmouth Big Jade has the best music videos. They’re a much needed break from the endless stream of fifteen dudes stuffed into an Airbnb, pointing guns at the shaky cameraman, and doing donuts in rented cars outside.” – Pitchfork 

“This unrivaled skill, confidence, and charisma are the attributes that make Big Jade so interesting.” – Lyrical Lemonade

The Video:

Armed with a percussive flow and an outsized charisma, Big Jade is one of the freshest voices in a busy Texas rap scene. Connecting with her mentor BeatKing and “Buss It” hitmaker Erica Banks, Jade shares Dem Girlz,” her new single. Built around a souped-up sample of David Banner’s “Like A Pimp” (ft. Lil Flip), the BeatKing-produced “Dem Girlz” flips the script on the 2004 hit, as Jade and Erica Banks raise middle fingers to broke haters with triplet flows. In the video, the Texas trio steal the spotlight at a car meet in Houston. Surrounded by classic boxframes with chariot-style rims and messages inscribed on their hoods, Jade, BeatKing, and Banks strut their stuff as the camera spotlights members of the community.

“Dem Girlz” is the latest single from Pressure, Jade’s upcoming debut project. The song features multiple productions from BeatKing, Jade’s rap game mentor, who discovered her through her freestyle videos on YouTube, as well as contributions from DJ ChoseBankroll Got It, and more. Pressure provides a fresh spin on the traditional sounds of Texas rap, packing enough oomph in the low-end to satisfy Houston club-goers, and rolls out the red carpet for a series of guests from the Lone Star State, including BeatKingErica BanksSlim ThugQueendom Come, and OMB Bloodbath. Home to recent singles like No Hook” and the DJ Chose-produced Gucci Bag” and following in the wake of a series of verbally dexterous freestyle videos (including “Groupies“), Pressure releases next month via Alamo Records.

Born and raised in Beaumont, a small city in East Texas far removed from industry hubs like Houston and New Orleans, Big Jade built an online following with her unapologetic realness. In popular videos like RPM” and Phone Jumpin,” praised by Pitchfork, Jade exists in her element, showing off her rapping ability while styling hair, her longtime day job. Her brief, but visceral trap bangers caught the attention of BeatKing, who took her under his wing and offered her guest verses and some of his fieriest beats. In late 2020, Jade joined up with her mentor BeatKing for the Texas trap slapper “Respectfully,” also featuring an appearance from Queendome Come. Jade keeps her fans entertained with a regular supply of freestyles, like the recent “Before The Deal,” that show off her bars and indefatigable demeanor. Now with the backing of Alamo Records, Big Jade is ready to make the leap from being the pride of her town to a nationally recognized star.

Buy/Stream “Dem Girlz” ft. BeatKing & Erica Banks: http://smarturl.it/demgirlz

Watch “Dem Girlz” ft. BeatKing & Erica Banks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H77DtT9MqAE

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The Background:

“I got the attention of the right people by being genuinely myself,” explains rapper Big Jade.

From Beaumont, Texas, the 26-year-old spitter made a name for herself by releasing a series of videos online that showcased her rapping ability. However, her Beatking-produced “RPM” showed a woman juggling rap dreams while doing hair. She was unashamed, unapologetic, and uncut. “It was real. That’s how I grind and get money,” admits Jade. “I’m not out here getting rap money yet; I’m popular on Instagram. Rappers are scared to say they’re doing something else just to make it. Where are you getting the money to invest in yourself and make it happen? Because that’s where it all starts for all of us.” Newly signed to Alamo Records, Big Jade took those steps to get noticed, and now she hopes to put herself and her city on the map.

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“Dem Girlz” ft. Erica Banks & BeatKing: http://smarturl.it/demgirlz

Bonnet” (Freestyle): https://youtu.be/cIvQylLXU2Q

“No Hook” (Prod. by BeatKing): http://bigjade.lnk.to/NoHook

“Groupies” (Freestyle): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ORs5HF1oCU

Gucci Bag”: https://youtu.be/kEQLm4g9kFc / https://bigjade.lnk.to/GucciBag

“Before The Deal (Freestyle)”: https://youtu.be/QpQiqw4seIU

“Respectfully” ft. BeatKing & Queendome Come: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpbvR_5hdmU

“Phone Jumpin”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ta1T5FZzhZo

“RPM”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDGQfIZE1W0