Documentary: Beeda Weeda – What Is A Beeda Weeda?

Watch The stupidDOPE Premiere of  Bay Area Rapper Beeda Weeda’s Documentary, What Is A Beeda Weeda?


Critical Praise for Beeda Weeda:

“Beeda Weeda is an East Oakland Too $hort-affiliate who makes mob music with the enthusiasm and intensity of a rabid pitbull.” – NOISEY

The Documentary:

What Is A Beeda Weeda?” is the question and name of the mini documentary following Bay Area rapper Beeda Weeda, premiering today at stupidDOPE. The documentary follows the release of Beeda Weeda’s recent album Too $hort Presents: Beeda Weeda’s Bass Rock Babies, the HotNewHipHop debut of the Too $hort and 1.O.A.K featured single “Strip Club (Bedroom),” and the NOISEY premiere of the music video for his track, “Gas City.

The documentary stars Too $hort, E-40, Tajai of Souls Of Mischief and Hieroglyphics, B-Legit, and Beeda Weeda himself documenting the artist’s beginnings, the origins of his name, his history of hustling, the success of his single “Turfs Up,” and his relationship with the aforementioned rappers. Crediting Beeda Weeda as the one responsible for the film locations for his hit video, “Tell Me When To Go,” E-40 states, “Beeda took me to all the spots I needed to go to and was right there with me through the whole time.”Beeda’s balance of hustling and focus has made him one of the most marketable Bay Area rappers in the game today. Praising Beeda’s work ethic and prose, Tajai claims that, “You can tell he was raised by proper O.G’s,” as well as B-Legit with the compliment, “he was from the new school but he had that old school flavor, that’s what I really appreciated about his music.” Beeda’s new album, Too $hort Presents: Beeda Weeda’s Bass Rock Babies, is available on iTunes now and features Too $hort, E-40, B-Legit, 1.O.A.K, Richie Rich, J Stalin, Clyde Carson, Gunplay, Young Gully and more.

Beeda’s next project will be a joint album with Dallas, Texas rapper Big Hud entitled The Storm, which will be available for sale on September 30th.  As Vice’s Noisey describes the two, “Though the pair is from disparate regions, their styles complement each other like brothers who were separated at birth and then sent to two different cities to grow their own styles. Now, they have united and are ready to fuck your internet up.”

Check out the stupidDOPE premiere:

Watch What Is A Beeda Weeda?

Track list for Beeda Weeda – Too $hort Presents: Beeda Weeda’s Bass Rock Babies

1. Too $hort Intro (feat. Too $hort)
2. Welcome To Oakland
3. Wet (feat. Richie Rich)
4. The D
5. Y.N.
6. Strip Club (feat. Too $hort & 1.O.A.K)
7. Mack’n & Mobb’n (feat. B-Legit & J. Stalin)
8. Racked Up (feat. Too $hort & Gunplay)
9. Block Bleeder (feat. Clyde Carson Chilee Powdah)
10. Revolution (feat. 1.O.A.K)
11. Keep Ya Head Up
12. Lost My Religion (feat. 1.O.A.K)
13. Get Right Music (feat. Moses Music & 1.O.A.K)
14. Hustla (feat. E-40)
15. Gas City
16. Paper (feat. 4Rax)
17. Hard (feat. Bandaide, Black C (RBL Posse), 1.O.A.K, & Sir Yuro)
18. Us (feat. Young Gully)
19.  West Up (feat. Jay Rock, Glasses Malon, Rich Rocka, J-Stalin, 211, K-Boy, Scoot Dog, Cousin Fik, Mitchy Slick, T Nutty & Laroo)
20. Bass Rock Babies
21. Too $hort Outro (feat. Too $hort)
22. All About Me (feat. Too $hort)
23. Bank Teller (feat. Moses Music & Dolla Will)
24. Animal (feat. Shady Nate & Stevie Joe)

1280 x 1080 Bass Rock Cover

Buy Too $hort Presents: Beeda Weeda’s Bass Rock Babies on iTunes:$hort-presents-bass-rock/id904364825

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Beeda Weeda’s Background:

Beeda Weeda is a young rapper/producer from East Oakland, CA and first got his start in 2006 with his nationally recognized Homework mixtape. Later that year, Beeda released his acclaimed debut album, Turfology 101. The video for his single “Turfs Up” aired on 32 stations, generated over 1,000,000 hits online, and boosted the rapper to number 3 on MySpace’s Top 10 Hip Hop/Rap Artists. He later worked on a remix of the track with a number of Bay Area legends including E-40 and Too $hort. He has produced for such acts as Suga Free, Yukmouth and more. His latest project, Too $hort Presents: Bass Rock Babies,  is available on iTunes now and features Too $hort, E-40, B-Legit,  1.O.A.KRichie Rich, J Stalin, Clyde Carson, Gunplay, Young Gully and more.

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Buy Too $hort Presents: Beeda Weeda’s Bass Rock Babies on iTunes:$hort-presents-bass-rock/id904364825

Documentary – What Is A Beeda Weeda?

“Strip Club (Bedroom)” ft. Too $hort and 1.O.A.K:

“Gas City”:

“Hustla” ft. E40:

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