Videos: Dallas’ Big Hud Releases “Money Money Money” Video

“Money Money Money,” Shows Big Hud with Beeda Weeda And Franchi$e Tief  Pulling Off a Heist in the Middle of the Night


The News: 

Both considered legends in their respective hometowns, Dallas, Texas’ Big Hud has teamed with East Oakland’s Beeda Weeda to release three projects this summer. The first will be Big Hud’s solo street album, O.Y.B.A. (On Yo Bi*tch A$$,) hosted by DJ Holiday,  the second will be Beeda’s solo album entitled, Too $hort Presents: Beeda Weeda’s Bass Rock Babies, due to drop August 19th.  The third project is a joint album entitled The Storm, which will be available for sale on September 30th. As Noisey describes the two, “Though the pair is from disparate regions, their styles complement each other like brothers who were separated at birth and then sent to two different cities to grow their own styles. Now, they have united and are ready to fuck your internet up.”

“Money Money Money” feat. Franchi$e Tief and Beeda Weeda is the first single to drop from Big Hud’s upcoming street album, O.Y.B.A. With a driving pulse and Asian flute motif, the urgency of the track parallels the heist that the three rappers pull off in the middle of a dark night in Atlanta. Shown smoking stogies while counting their bounty, the three underground kings take turns touting their love of the green. Says Hud, “I love money because it’s such a powerful thing and makes for unlimited opportunities in life. At the same time, it can be the root of all evil and has divided friendships and relationships since the beginning of time. The high’s & lo’s of money is such an emotional roller coaster and it can really show a person’s true colors.”

Big Hud has extensive experience in the music industry, having created songs with artists such as Yelawolf and Curren$y as well as opening for several music legends including Too $hort, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross. OYBA is due to drop on August 12th and features Too $hort, Curren$y, Cyhi Da Prynce, Rittz, Beeda Weeda, Boston George, A.Dd+, and more.

Watch “Money Money Money” featuring Beeda Weeda & Franchi$e Tief:

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Big Hud’s Background:

Hailing from Dallas, TX, an ambitious artist by the name of Big Hud “Da Heavyweight” has progressively emerged as a fixture in today’s evolving music industry. Over the past few years Big Hud has had moderate success with singles such as “Smell My Cologne” featuring Shady/Interscope recording artist Yelawolf, and “Summertime Ish” ft. Curren$y which generated a strong buzz and a video that earned regular rotation on MTV Jams. Big Hud has also opened for many major artists across the country such as Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and Waka Flocka as well as the legendary Too $hort, and Strange Music‘s own Rittz.


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