MP3 and Video : NΔTIONS – “My Ways”

Artist Incubator BKLYN1834 Releases First Visuals from Comp_01


Critical Praise for BKLYN1834:

“Brooklyn Communal Cool: The Brand”-  New York Times

The Video: 

Filmed in a Shanghai high rise, the dream pop duo NΔTIONS‘ video for “My Ways” is a calming, kaleidoscope of lights. The video is the debut visual from artist incubator BKLYN1834‘s forthcoming inaugural compilation, aptly titled, Comp_01, scheduled for release on November 13th, 2015.

Comprised of veteran producers and principle songwriters Nolan Thies and Toby Pipes, the duo often recruits additional vocalists and musicians for their projects. For “My Ways,” they recruited BKLYN1834’s creative director and founder, Andrew Thomas Reid, for vocals. Despite being about a couple dealing with a recent bout of infidelity, the song isn’t as sad as it is melancholy. Earmilk, who premiered both song and video stated, “the three make beautiful, ethereal sounds.”

Both Nolan Thies and Andrew Thomas Reid are current residents of BKLYN1834, the talent incubator that provides seven young artists with a place to live so they can write, record, and create content in a collaborative salon-like environment. Redefining how artists create, distribute, and market their work, BKLYN1834 exists for brands to easily tap them for collaborations. Some of those brands include Pepsi, Converse, Apple, and Blackstone Realty. The collective has housed over 50 artists  and gave birth to media darlings denetia and sene, who met as roommates. and previous and current residents have worked with Prince, Taylor Swift, Toby Keith, Snarky Puppy, Theophilus London, Freddie Gibbs, Pharaohe Monch, among others.

BKLYN1834’s debut compilation, Comp_01, is set to release on November 13th and will include seven songs, with each having their own accompanying video. Comp_01 will  span from indie rock to indie pop to electronic songs and contain songs from NΔTIONS’ roommates Saint Ballantine, Sanctuary Sound, ATR777, Bobby Only, and Foe Destroyer.

BKLYN1834 Comp_01 Tracklisting: 

  1. “One Clear Thought” – Sanctuary Sound
  2. “Enough” – St. Ballentine (Sene and ATR)
  3. “Planned Out World” – NΔTIONS
  4. “Down to Be Your Man” – ATR777
  5. “Dropping Hints” – Bobby Only
  6. “My Ways” – NΔTIONS
  7. “Unconditional Love” -Foe Destroyer

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BKLYN1834 Background:

BKLYN1834 is a talent incubator for young artists who live together in a co-op style Victorian Home in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn and create music, art, videos, comedy, and other creative content. Modeled after the salon-like atmosphere of Hitsville U.S.A. and Gertrude Stein’s home, founding resident and creative director of BKLYN134, Andrew Thomas Reid, traveled to Nicaragua and Spain to convince friends to move into the house in the summer of 2009.

BKLYN1834 supports young artists by providing them with a place to live, write, record and produce content in a creative and collaborative environment. Previous and current BKLYN1834 residents have worked with Prince, Taylor Swift, Toby Keith, Snarky Puppy, Theophilus London, Freddie Gibbs, Pharaohe Monch, Denitia and Sene, among others. Fittingly nicknamed “The Clubhouse,” the community has housed over 50 residents since its inception.

BKLYN1834’s long-term goal is to create a network of similar clubhouses across the country and around the world. By continuing to produce digital content in-house, we want to create a global community where artists, fans, and brands can all engage.

With more and more brands recognizing the value of authentic grassroots ideas that appeal to 18-34 yr olds, BKLYN1834 has already been tapped for collaborations by Pepsi, Converse, Apple, and Blackstone Realty. Forbes called BKLYN1834 “a tool every marketer should have in its back pocket.”

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