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Byron Messia

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“Song Of The Year Contender” Complex

“Byron Messia’s breakout single, “Talibans,” is one of the year’s defining reggae songs, so saccharine you might miss its tough talk. Messia has a sweet voice that gets feistier the more clipped his singing becomes, and on his boastful new single “Mad Dawgs,” he comes almost all the way around to blustery, trading in much of his considered honeyed singing for a choppier rhythm more in key with the chest-puffing lyrics.”The New York Times in “The Playlist

“Still riding high off the global success of his breakout summer hit ‘Talibans,’ Byron Messia keeps the momentum going with the new single ‘Mad Dawgs.'”Billboard

“In 2023, it wasn’t a hip-hop song that lit up the months of June, July, and August – rather – it was Byron Messia’s Dancehall joint “Talibans.””BET

“It would be either brave or foolish to bet against Byron Messia’s star rising even higher in the near future.”CLASH

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Byron Messia Continues His Rise to Dancehall Stardom with “La La”
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