Video: Central Cee – “Eurovision” ft. Rondodasosa, Baby Gang, A2Anti, Morad, Benny Jr, ASHE 22 & Freeze Corleone

The Breakout UK Rap Star Collects Some of the Biggest Drill Stars in Europe for  a Hard New Clip from the 23 Mixtape

Home to Hit Singles like “Obsessed With You,” “Khabib,” “Retail Therapy,” and the New “Straight Back To It,” 23 is On Pace for a Massive Debut Week

Critical Praise:

“It’s been a busy, busy year for West London’s Central Cee. The rapper’s Wild West mixtape, released in the first half of the year, sent him jetting into the big time and things haven’t really slowed down since. A newly reopened live circuit welcomed Cench with open arms and he’s still found time for collabs with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Fredo, Oh Geesy, Blanco and quite a few more besides.” – Complex

“Gritty street-level drill from magnetic talent” – The Guardian

“Central Cee clearly has the tenacity and notoriety to resonate, while leaving room for allure; it makes his approach to the mic all the more fascinating.” – NME

“The Party-Starting Rapper Injecting Fun into Drill”- Noisey

The Video:

Bubbling up in the streets of Chicago in the early 2010s, drill has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon. Today, Central Cee, one of the biggest stars of the red hot UK scene, recruits an all-star array of drillers from all over the continent in “Eurovision,” his new music video. Produced by Flem, Young Chencs & NKO, “Eurovision” bares no resemblance to the music of the Europe-wide song contest that gives the track its name, instead bringing ethereal choirs, militant snares, and sliding 808s to create an apocalyptic atmosphere.

The first song on any of Central Cee’s mixtapes to feature guest artists, the song rolls out the red carpet for a multi-lingual posse of kindred spirits: Rondodasosa (Italy), Baby Gang (Italy, via Morocco), A2Anti (UK), Morad (Spain), Beny Jr (Spain), ASHE 22 (France), and Freeze Corleone (France). The video emphasizes drill’s global nature, capturing the emcees in their element: Cench and A2Anti chill in Shepherd’s Bush, London; Rondo and Baby Gang mob in San Siro; Milan, Morad and Beny kick it in La Florida, Spain; while ASHE 22 and Freeze Corleone closes out the affair in Pantin, a neighborhood in northeast Paris. Directed by Wot Productions, the video demonstrates an inspiring solidarity among communities in the streets of Europe and the UK, presenting a united front that can conquer the global rap scene.

“Eurovision” is a highlight track from 23, the brand new mixtape from Central Cee.  A matured and elevated sound, the 15 track project delves deeper into Cench’s mysterious character, sharing some of his most personal moments to date. The tape is home to singles like “Retail Therapy,” a hard-hitting, jazz-sampling video single (8+ million views), and  “Cold Shoulder,” which explores the realities of Central Cee’s past and the process he’s currently going through, “Khabib,” which racked up more than 4 million YouTube views in just its first week of release, and debuted at #22 on the UK’s Official Charts, and last week’s “Straight Back To It,” a new smash that racked up over 1.2 million Spotify streams and 1.8 million YouTube views (peaking at #2 trending) in just three days.

The mixtape charted at #2 on the UK Midweek Charts, with three singles listed on the UK Official Charts’ Top 50, seven tracks in Spotify UK’s Top 100 songs, and 10 tracks in Apple Music UK’s list of top-streamed songs. Also debuting at #2 on Spotify’s global debut albums chart, 23‘s success continues a year-long run that has seen Cench emerge as perhaps the biggest breakout star in the UK rap scene, with over 1 billion streams across platforms in just 12 months.

Central Cee is taking over and the 23 mixtape’s arrival is certain to propel him even further on his unparalleled journey from West London’s Shepherd’s Bush to the ranks of hip-hop’s global elite.

Watch “Eurovision”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlnLvLDP4Zg

Buy/Stream 23https://ada.lnk.to/Cench23

Watch “Straight Back To It”: https://ada.lnk.to/StraightBackToIt-Vid

Buy Central Cee merch: https://ada.lnk.to/23-Store

Read Central Cee’s recent cover story in The Face: https://theface.com/music/central-cee-cench-23-mixtape-rap-hip-hop-drill-ybeez-volume4-issue10

23 Tracklist:

  1. Khabib
  2. Straight Back To It
  3. Ungrateful
  4. Bunda
  5. Retail Therapy
  6. Eurovision ft. Rondodasosa, Baby Gang, A2Anti, Morad, Benny Jr, ASHE 22 & Freeze Corleone
  7. Cold Shoulder
  8. Mrs
  9. Air BnB
  10. No Pain
  11. Terminal 5
  12. Obsessed With You
  13. 8 Ball
  14. Lil Bro
  15. End of The Beginning

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The Background:

Central Cee has an undeniable magnetism. On Christmas Day 2021, in the wake of his enormous Pink Pantheress-sampling single “Obsessed With You,”  he released a GRM Daily Duppy (a performance on one of the UK’s most popular street rap platforms), which went on to be the highest charting in history. This year, after a stellar position in 2022’s BBC Sound Poll, Central Cee consequently received an astounding three BRIT Award nominations, for Best New ArtistBest Song, and Best British Hip Hop, Rap, Grime act. Late last year, Central Cee won Best Male Artist and Breakthrough Artist of The Year at the GRM Awards, accolades which add to his already incredible position as Spotify’s Radar Artist and YouTube’s Artist On The Rise, not to mention his recent double gong win at the MOBO Awards for Best Newcomer and Best Drill Act. The young superstar is currently gracing the cover of The Face Magazine, where he reveals the motivations that drive his rapid rise to the top.

Astounding fans and critics alike, CC’s independently released debut mixtape Wild West was the highest selling independent project of 2021 and 2021’s only UK debut project to go Gold. The mixtape landed in the wake of the hugely successful singles “Loading” and “Commitment Issues”, breaking internationally and sending his name reverberating across the globe. Cench has a keen eye for fashion–on his debut tape campaign, Cench collaborated with UK Streetwear brands Corteiz,  and Trapstar on merch lines, both of which sold out within 60 minutes. The 23 mixtape campaign follows on in this vein, with CC releasing his own 23 merch, creating a fan-art led physical edition of the tape, and collaborating with Trapstar on a merch line once again.

With co-signs from The Guardian, Pitchfork, NME, Clash, The Face, Complex, Crack, the late Virgil Abloh and other global music icons, Central Cee is taking over, and the 23 mixtape’s arrival is certain to propel him even further on his unparalleled journey.

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“Eurovision”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlnLvLDP4Zg


“Straight Back To It”: https://ada.lnk.to/StraightBackToIt-Vid

“Khabib”: https://ada.lnk.to/Khabib / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-wf8Yb5ZCM

“Cold Shoulder”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8efu1VaDk0c

“Retail Therapy”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1CbX1k9m5Q

“Obsessed With You”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oP7KHC129RQ

“Commitment Issues”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbHGtGSwoGA

Wild Westhttps://ada.lnk.to/Wild-West

“Loading”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ok-i3uGXkM

“Day In The Life”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sq2JJf7jB00