Video: CEO Trayle – “July The Fourth” (Prod. by Twysted Genius)

The Rising Star Revisits a Near-Death Experience and Expresses Gratitude For All He Has in the Track From the Upcoming Vier EP, Out Later This Month

Critical Praise:

“The most unnerving villainous laugh you’ll hear this week won’t be in the new Batman movie—it’s in the opening seconds of CEO Trayle’s “Rendezvous.” The way Trayle uses his shapeshifting flow to rattle off threats brings to mind the more sinister side of Chief Keef.” – Pitchfork

“So many rappers stay in one gear for an entire song, but Trayle’s music constantly shifts the rhythm, keeping your ears perked so you don’t get lost as he speeds up. He goes from biting punched-in threats and making singsong taunts to an ominous, slithery flow that leaves you looking behind your shoulder to make sure he isn’t talking about kicking in your backdoor.”  – Pitchfork

“The hunger in his rapping turns every song into a boxing ring to prove himself victorious.”The FADER

“Atlanta’s CEO Trayle is going hard in 2022. The rapper’s earned quite the reputation in the rap game over the past few years. Projects like the Happy Halloween series have cemented him as the one to look out for. “ – HotNewHipHop

“On his recent single, “OK Cool,” Trayle takes a conversational approach, making it clear that—no matter what anyone else in his life is on—he’s still up.” – Audiomack

The Song:

For many, July 4th is a celebratory occasion, but for CEO Trayle, the holiday has a much deeper meaning. Nine years ago on July The Fourth, Trayle suffered seven gunshot wounds as he successfully fought off an attempted home invasion. Trayle survived, but he suffered emotional scars that he still processes every day. Unpacking his trauma and expressing his gratitude for all he has, Trayle releases July The Fourth,” a soulful new single. “July The Fourth” arrives with a brand new music video, in which Trayle enjoys summer weather with his family.

Produced by Twysted Genius, “July The Fourth” layers lush strings and triumphant brass, creating a pastoral canvas for the CEO paint a pain-stricken Picasso. Using a deliberate, butter-smooth flow, Trayle matter-of-factly explains the mindset that helps him survive (“I’m just tryna protect myself like everybody else outside/I’m just riding getting high, everybody gettting by/But my new watch was 75”), and reflects on all that he would have lost if that fateful July 4th turned out differently: “Trayle, you can see him coming, mama cry like we cut onions/Said her baby boy made something outta nothing.”

“July The Fourth” is the centerpiece of Vier, an upcoming EP due to release this summer. The title derives from the German word for the number “4,” a number that has mythical significance in the life of CEO Trayle–or as he sometimes calls himself, C4Vier features an appearance from Enchanting, Trayle’s fellow innovative Atlantan.

Vier continues a busy year for the 1080 Trademark CEO, highlighted by his recent project The Collection. Spanning eight tracks, the project reconciles Trayle’s pugilistic past (represented on songs like “Mr. Door Kicker”) and his luxurious present ( Buy A Boat,” “Fendi’d Up). Trayle recently took a trip to New York in the video for  Of Course,” the tape’s closing track.

Freshly signed to 10k Projects, CEO Trayle is following in the footsteps of his hero Gucci Mane, crafting street raps that are at once down-and-dirty and refined. The 27-year-old artist always stays true to his muse regardless of what’s fashionable, creating music that went against the grain in his home city of Atlanta during the heyday of triplet-driven melodic trap. His music found an audience in Chicago, still home to his largest base of listeners, and among publications like PitchforkAudiomack, and many more, for his gritty bars and sinister steez. Trayle’s trajectory skyrocketed after he released Ok Cool,” a viral hit that generated over 60 million streams and earned a remix from Gunna. “Ok Cool” landed on Happy Halloween C4, a 16-track opus with appearances from Babyface Ray and Doe Boy.

With Vier EP on the way and much further to rise, CEO Trayle is primed to take over the rap game, and become the most watchable villain since The Joker.

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The Collection tracklist:

  1. Publishing
  2. Dior Store
  3. Fendi’d Up
  4. Buy A Boat
  5. Help Me Please
  6. Mr. Door Kicker
  7. Dramatic
  8. Of Course

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The Background:

CEO Trayle has a rare sense of vision. The prolific Atlanta-based rapper and CEO/founder of 1080 Trademark Recordssees the music industry the way a great point guard does a basketball court. He understands cause-and-effect, knowing how dropping one frosty, minimalist single will shape the perception around his next project. But occasionally he exceeds even his own expectations. His breakout single, “OK Cool,” a deadpan rebuke to an ex, earned more than 60 million streams, even though Trayle didn’t foresee it as a blockbuster when he made it. The momentum from that track, and its Gunna-assisted remix, paved the way for The Collection, a thrilling, visceral release that showcases the 28-year-old MC’s multi-genre fluency.

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“July The Fourth”: https://CEOtrayle.lnk.to/julythefourth

“Of Course”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZazHEsUmDc

The Collectionhttps://CEOtrayle.lnk.to/thecollection