Video: Chevy Woods – “4800”

Premiered by Yahoo! Music, the Taylor Gang Rapper’s New Video Finds Him Hitting the Vegas Strip and Travelling to the City’s Outskirts



The Video:

Taylor Gang rapper Chevy Woods has released a new video premiered by Yahoo! Music for the opening track from his first retail release, The 48 Hunnid Project. Hopping in a white Lambo to go to a grimy store on the outskirts of the Vegas Strip, on “4800” Chevy reminds us that money hasn’t changed him. “I might have access to nice things nowadays but it wasn’t always like that and I’m still the same person I’ve always been and I’m still hanging out with the same guys since day one.”

The Pittsburgh emcee has taken a huge step from being a mixtape king into a breakout, globally-touring artist. Twelve years of releasing material for the streets gave him the experience to be able to hone his craft and develop a strong fanbase that knows him and his skills on a personal level for his first commercial release. As uphill as his journey’s been, Woods never lets people forget where he came from, echoing the name of the block where he was raised in the Hazelwood neighborhood of the Steel City. Woods isn’t afraid to hit social issues head on, rapping “There’s police killin n*ggas, there’s n*ggas killin n*ggas, they say it’s never personal they always say it’s business.” Explains Chevy, “As artists, we can spread messages for those who don’t have a voice. There’s a lot going on in the world and I want to help get that point across.

On The 48 Hunnid Project, Chevy Woods is joined by an all-star cast, with Yahoo! Music stating that Woods “is a standout member of Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang crew.” The seven-song release features regular collaborators such as Wiz on “Lookin Back,” as well as new talent like Post Malone on the Complex-premiered “Getcha Some,” OG Maco on the Arthur McArthur-produced “Whole Lot,” and DeJ Loaf joining him on the lead single, “All Said And Done,” for which the audio debuted via Billboard and video via i-D. Woods just finished a national run as a special guest on the Boys of Zummer Tour with Wiz Khalifa, Hoodie Allen, and Fall Out Boy. He documented intimate moments of the tour using a disposable camera for LiveNationTV, which you can view here.

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The 48 Hunnid Project Tracklist:

1. “48 Hunnid” (Prod. by Mitzfits)
2. “Now That I’m Up” (Prod. by Sledgren)
3. “Getcha Some” [feat. PeeJ and Post Malone] (Prod. by Ricky P)
4. “All Said And Done” [feat. Dej Loaf] (Prod. by Ricky P and Anthony M)
5. “Whole Lot” [feat. OG Maco] (Prod. by Arthur McArthur)
6. “Wit Me” [feat. Rico Love] (Prod. by Rico Love)
7. “Lookin Back” [feat. Wiz Khalifa] (Prod. by Ricky P)

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Chevy Woods Background:

Chevy Woods has been building up momentum with his mixtapes Red Cup Music, The Cook Out, and the Gangland series, progressing his sound with each release. After years of writing and recording in his home studio, Chevy traded in his keyboard for cash to pay for studio time. In 2004, while recording at Pittsburgh’s I.D. Labs Studios, Chevy encountered Wiz Khalifa and the two instantly formed a bond. “Me and Wiz, we always had each other’s backs. Since we were both recording at I.D. Labs at the same time, we would hold each other down,” Chevy has explained. “Even if it was just picking up Wendy’s for the other one on our way to the studio.”

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“Now That I’m Up”:

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