Video: Cydnee with a C – “I’ll Be Your Chick” ft. OG Maco

The Debut Video From the 22-Year-Old ATLien’s Gluten Free EP


The Video:

With a rhythmic delivery and a radiant joy for life, ATL singer Cydnee with a C has a promising career ahead of her. Riding out the roof of her jeep and mobbing with her friends at a house party, shaking her hip-length braids with aplomb, Cydnee shows off her considerable charm in I’ll Be Your Chick,” her latest video. A cloudy, twinkling R&B track with a bouncy, ebullient vocal and an auto-tuned cameo from (you guessed it!) OG Maco, “I’ll Be Your Chick” showcases Cydnee’s huge personality. “I’ll Be Your Chick” is the latest video from the Gluten Free EP, the 22-year-old singer’s debut project. Filled with a joyous energy and with an engaging personality, Cydnee’s freewheeling spirit and smooth, sultry vocals make her a valuable addition to the national R&B scene.

Born in Philly and raised in New Jersey and Atlanta, Cydnee Jazmere Butler developed a passion for music at a young age. Raised by her mother, who made a living as an exotic dancer, Cydnee developed an appreciation for her mother’s work as a form of artistic expression. When her mother traveled for her work, Cydnee stayed with her aunts, who introduced her to the wonders of ’90s R&B. Cydnee would put on shows in her aunt’s house, doing choreographed dances and singing covers of songs by groups like Total and 702 alongside her cousins, entertaining her whole family. Though she started writing her own music at the young age of 8, Cydnee did not start recording until her late teens, writing and co-producing her songs from scratch. Cydnee left her hometown of Atlanta for the bright lights of Los Angeles, where she signed to Hitway Records and released and recorded her first project: the Gluten Free EP, which is available to stream on SoundCloud. Look for more music from Cydnee coming in 2017.

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Cydnee Background

Born as Cydnee Jazmere Butler, “Cydnee With A C” was raised in New Jersey and Atlanta, GA. Growing up her mother made a living as an exotic dancer living a lifestyle of her own choices and freedom, Cydnee understood her mothers profession as expression and art. She couldn’t always travel with her mother, so when her mother traveled Cydnee stayed with her aunt and cousins where they would sing ’90s R&B song covers by Total and 702 performing dance routines and putting on shows for her family. She began writing her own music at age 8 but it wasn’t until she picked up guitar at 19 when she began to call herself an artist. Writing and co-producing her own music from scratch, Cydnee left her hometown in Atlanta, GA and moved to Los Angeles, California with hopes of finding the right producers to work organically with. Her first EP Gluten Free is her first body of work compiling her knowledge as an artist and the experiences along the way. Her first single “I’ll Be Your Chick” featuring OG Maco talks about a girl being “with the shits” as long as it’s not taken for granted. 

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