Video: DC The Don – “OUT OF MY BODY” ft. 6LACK

The Milwaukee-Born XXL Freshman and the GRAMMY-Nominated Alt-R&B Superstar Join Forces For a New Video From DC’s FUNERAL (Deluxe), Out Now via Rostrum Records

Critical Praise:

2023 XXL Freshman – 10th Spot Winner

“Not only can he sing with so much emotion behind his words, but he also knows how to masterfully rap as well as switch up his cadences constantly, always keeping you guessing about what he’s going to do next.” – Lyrical Lemonade

“Los Angeles by way of Milwaukee’s DC The Don is part rapper, part rockstar, excelling in the melodic and riotous lane popularized by cult heroes like Lil Uzi Vert and Trippie Redd.” – Audiomack

The Video:

DC The Don‘s cinematic videos mirror the chaotic spirit of his music, plumbing the depths of his conflicted mental state. Lamenting a lost relationship, the 24-year-old rising star teams up with GRAMMY-nominated R&B star 6LACK to share OUT OF MY BODY.” Included on DC’s FUNERAL (DELUXE), released in early October, “Out Of My Body” was a landmark in the rapper’s career, as 6LACK became the first guest artist to ever appear on a DC The Don studio album. The song seamlessly blends the aesthetic of the two artists, as DC floats over the percolating instrumental with ethereal melodies while 6LACK grounds the proceedings with soft-spoken relationship bars. In the video, co-directed by Connor Pritchard and Andrew Percival, the Milwaukee-born rapper dwells on a lost love, marinating in the scene of the end of his relationship as the ghosts of the past surround him, before commiserating with 6LACK in a desolate warehouse.

FUNERAL (DELUXE) continues the genre experimentation that marked the original FUNERAL, as many of the new songs draw inspiration from indie and alternative rock. “melatonin” finds the Milwuakee native in his feelings, emoting over acoustic guitars, and “My Jacket Don’t Fit You” rides a loping groove with sunny synths and electric guitar curlicues that would have fit right in with the late ’90s pop rock boom, and closer “i’m losing it” is cinematic and sweeping, featuring one of DC’s most passionate vocal performances to date. These new songs add to previous highlights like the danceable R&B of “Hate Being Lonely” and the thrilling “12AM.” Also home to “Tell Shyanne” (over 1 million streams on Spotify alone), DC’s R&B-inflected recent single, which recently earned a remix with Jace! for “Tell Shyanne 2,” FUNERAL (DELUXE) is available on all platforms via Rostrum Records

2023 has been a breakout year for DC The Don, after spending years building one of the most devoted fanbases in rap music. His fans helped him win the coveted 10th Spot in the 2023 XXL Freshman Class. He demonstrated his off-top talent during his XXL Freshman Freestyle and stole the show in his XXL Freshman cypher alongside Luh Tyler, Rob49, TiaCorine and more. In May, DC The Don released FUNERAL, his wide-ranging third album. A diverse and tuneful body of work, FUNERAL takes an immersive look inside DC The Don’s world of hard-edged raps and hyperpop melodies, skillfully blending the two sides of his personality that dominated each half of last year’s ambitious My Own Worst Enemy.

Before the year closed, DC The Don treated his fans to Sacred Heart 2, a hard-hitting, freewheeling mixtape that has racked up over 1.5 million streams on SoundCloud since its December 25th release. Stay tuned for much more music from DC The Don in the coming year.

Watch “OUT OF MY BODY” ft. 6LACK: https://youtu.be/jcYSy0XNRSs

Stream FUNERAL (DELUXE)https://rostrumrecords.lnk.to/FUNERALDeluxe

Stream Sacred Heart 2https://soundcloud.com/dcthedon/sets/sacred-heart-2

FUNERAL (DELUXE) tracklist:
*denotes new song for the Deluxe
2. LUV
3. Story Of My Life
4. Hate The New You
5. Let’s Pretend?*
7. Shawty
8. Tell Shyanne*
9. Hate Being Lonely
10. OUT OF MY BODY (ft. 6LACK)*
11. My Jacket Don’t Fit You*
12. Bankrupt :/
13. 12AM
14. Friends..
16. Working On Dyin
17. Used 2 Be/Me
18. You Forgot Abt Me
19. melatonin*
20. Going Stuck
21. Fight Or Flight 🙁
22. intuition
23. i’m losing it*


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The Background:

DC The Don is a rapper from Milwaukee, WI. In 2016, at the age of 16 and standing 6’7”, DC moved to Los Angeles to pursue a basketball career under Lavar Ball and alongside teammate LaMelo Ball. During this time, he fell in love with music and used his spare time to make experimental records which suddenly gained traction – As the public became increasingly aware of DC The Don’s talent for rapping, NBA player Lonzo Ball featured his song “Everything 1k” on the first Big Baller Brand shoe commercial, introducing DC The Don’s music to an even wider audience. DC signed to Rostrum Records in 2020, releasing his debut album Come As You Are on August 7th, generating over 125 million streams across platforms. The artist looks to reach another level with My Own Worst Enemy, his ambitious new album, available everywhere now.

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“OUT OF MY BODY” ft. 6LACK: https://youtu.be/jcYSy0XNRSs

FUNERAL (DELUXE)https://rostrumrecords.lnk.to/FUNERALDeluxe

“Tell Shyanne 2” ft. Jace!: https://rostrumrecords.lnk.to/TellShyanne2

“Tell Shyanne”: https://rostrumrecords.lnk.to/TellShyanne / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbLNP7j8z7M

“STOP HATING”: https://youtu.be/WKLVfIKnKWI / https://rostrumrecords.lnk.to/StopHating

Watch DC The Don’s XXL Freshman Freestyle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uo5Aa24IFs

“Hate The New You”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJAHbeB5NU4


“12AM”: https://dcthedon.lnk.to/12AM

“Hate Being Lonely”: http://DCTheDon.lnk.to/HateBeingLonely / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kH2-yho5GHE

DC DAHMERhttp://DCTheDon.lnk.to/DCDahmer

“SRT / UMBRELLA”: https://youtu.be/vuTS723XZdc

SACRED HEART (+)https://dcthedon.lnk.to/SacredHeart

“Poison”: https://dcthedon.lnk.to/Poison / https://youtu.be/j49R6VTqyaQ

http://dcthedon.lnk.to/AllIKnow / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c809B7qTIpo

“SUICIDE” ft. midwxst: http://dcthedon.lnk.to/Suicide / https://youtu.be/BY4UyQ-33lA

“ZOMBIELAND”: https://lnk.to/ZombielandDCTheDon / https://youtu.be/suAoBkJARYw

“HATE IT OR LOVE IT”:  https://rostrum.lnk.to/HATEITORLOVEIT / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6Vt-vck6aI

“Telfar…”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xk3CNF7VUQw

“Donny’s Revenge”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lAVm2lWUkk

“i want you <3”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49fZSCwwoVs

“ENEMIES”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8FKoi0-pZ8

“Live From The Gutta!”: https://youtu.be/uE1FXcizHas

My Own Worst Enemyhttps://smarturl.it/DCTheDonMOW3

“PSA”: https://smarturl.it/PSADCTheDon / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlDQNUL1amM

“Arrest Me”: https://smarturl.it/DCTheDonARRESTME / https://youtu.be/eR_z5AwClZM

“REROUT3”: https://smarturl.it/DCTheDonREROUT3 / https://youtu.be/bPW6VQAqvIg

“Worst Day ):”: https://youtu.be/IUma3lyWEMo

Come As You Are (Deluxe)https://smarturl.it/DCTheDonCAYADeluxe

Come As You Arehttps://smarturl.it/DCTheDonCAYA