Video: DC The Don – “Hello DC!”

The Milwaukee-Born Artist Shows the Full Breadth of His Talents in the Latest Video From His Debut Album Come As You Are


Critical Praise:

“Not only can he sing with so much emotion behind his words, but he also knows how to masterfully rap as well as switch up his cadences constantly, always keeping you guessing about what he’s going to do next.” – Lyrical Lemonade

“Los Angeles by way of Milwaukee’s DC The Don is part rapper, part rockstar, excelling in the melodic and riotous lane popularized by cult heroes like Lil Uzi Vert and Trippie Redd.” – Audiomack

The Video:

Equally adept at spinning fast-paced rhymes as unleashing soaring melodies, Milwaukee’s DC The Don is a special talent. Taking the time to bask in the lights of his city’s skyline, DC shares Hello DC!,” his new music video. Produced by G1, who layers thumping 808s, cinematic synth strings, and dramatic keyboard arpeggios, “Hello DC!” gives the 20-year-old rapper the opportunity to show the full breadth of his abilities. One moment, he’s decrying naysayers who “hate from the bleachers” in a pop-punk-inspired sing-song, the next he’s brags about his yellow diamonds with speedy syllables, and later, he brags about his superior work ethic in intense, auto-tuned yelps. In the video, directed by Juniper Visuals, DC maxes in Milwaukee with his homies, as he rocks designer threads and sports a Mickey Mouse-inspired backpack.

“Hello DC!” is the rapper’s first new video since the release of Come As You Are, DC’s engaging and hyper-melodic debut album, which has amassed more than 40 million streams across platforms. Spanning 14 tracks, CAYA emphasizes the importance of being authentic to your creative self, and reflects the 20-year-old rapper’s willingness to put in the work and create his own lane in a stifling city. The new album is home to previously released fan favorites like the pop-punk Jesus Can’t Save You, the hard-hitting collab Red Light” ft. DDG & YBN Almighty Jay, and the Supah Mario-produced Nascar Racer.” With additional production from Trademark, GarzaSephGotTheWaves, and others, Come As You Are is available everywhere via Rostrum Records.

Watch “Hello DC!”: https://youtu.be/FreXBlV57_8

Buy/Stream Come As You Arehttps://smarturl.it/DCTheDonCAYA

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The Background:

DC The Don is a rapper from Milwaukee, WI. In 2016, at the age of 16 and standing 6’7”, DC moved to Los Angeles to pursue a basketball career under Lavar Ball and alongside teammate LaMelo Ball. During this time, he fell in love with music and used his spare time to make experimental records which suddenly gained traction – As the public became increasingly aware of DC The Don’s talent for rapping, NBA player Lonzo Ball featured his song “Everything 1k” on the first Big Baller Brand shoe commercial, introducing DC The Don’s music to an even wider audience. DC signed to Rostrum Records in 2020, releasing his debut album Come As You Are on August 7th, generating over 40 million streams across platforms.

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“Hello DC!”: https://youtu.be/FreXBlV57_8

Come As You Arehttps://smarturl.it/DCTheDonCAYA

“Nascar Racer”: http://smarturl.it/DCTheDonNascarRacer

“Campfire Story”: https://youtu.be/zqCPURtgoc0

“Eclipse”: https://smarturl.it/DCTheDonEclipse

“Jesus Can’t Save You”: https://smarturl.it/DCTheDonJCSY

“Red Light” ft. DDG & YBN Almighty Jay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLVYoXBQ2W0