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HipHopDX Announces Forthcoming Pixburgh Album From PA Rapper Devin Miles Set To Release October 14th, Now Available For Pre-order on iTunes


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Critical praise for Devin Miles:

“Devin Miles is doing well for a 21-year old college dropout.”  The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Devin does a great job of juxtaposing his past and present situations, giving the listener a vivid picture of where he came from, and why his current success deserves to be celebrated.” – XXL

“With the persistence, poise, and growth Devin Miles has displayed over the past two years, one has to know that his encounters with success are inevitable.” – Jenesis Magazine

Devin Miles’s chances in this game are improving with each new release… We’re definitely anticipating the next move.” – HotNewHipHop

I think this kid might get better every time I hear him spit. Devin’s making this stuff look easy” – YouHeardThatNew

“Mediocre beats and rhymes have you feeling under the weather? Devin Miles has the cure for what ails you.” – DJ Booth

The Song:

“I think anyone who grows up in any city with stars is going to have a different up bringing. I’ve always been the shy type… My story in PIXBURGH is going to be from the observer and note taker’s side,” says Devin Miles in his HipHopDX feature. Today the Pittsburgh rapper was able to link up with HipHopDX announcing the album track-list and cover art for forthcoming PIXBURGH album set to release October 14, currently available for pre-order on iTunes. Earlier this month Miles debuted the atmospheric Adothgod produced single “Came Up.” XXL premiered the single mentioning; it “provides a terrific backdrop to the slick lyrical styling’s of Devin Miles, who sets the tone of the song from the outset with the dizzyingly catchy hook.” Following up closely was the Okayplayer premiered “jazzed-up, ivory-flecked joint” “No Different.” The premiere referenced Devin Miles saying, “there’s a serious swagger to this MC, one that isn’t hinged on shiny things or acting too tough.”

Although Miles hasn’t “came up” completely, he is making his mark as a notable rapper to keep watch for. The slick emcee has worked with Juicy J, toured with G-Eazy, and received advice from hip hop heavyweight T.I. “T.I. told me he sensed the realness in my music and felt the picture I was painting… and to never sell myself short. Hearing that from an artist I’ve looked up to for so long was everything to me, I can still hear his motivating words echo in my head damn near anytime I begin a new song,” says Miles. With PIXBURGH now available for pre-order via iTunes, the young creative continues to etch a unique lane for himself amongst hometown heroes like Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa.

Check out the HipHopDX announcement:

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PIXBURGH tracklist:

01. Vamoose
02. Came Up
03. Do That
04. Sucker Free
05. Chess Not Checkers
07. Wishing Well
08. Mirror, rorriM
09. Don’t Be Scared
10. What They Gon’ Say

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Devin Miles’ Background:

Standing strong at 500,000 YouTube views coupled with a million Soundcloud plays, Devin Miles is the latest self-made voice from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania challenging he status quo of hip-hop. However, contrary to local voices like Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller—the latter of whom has been a longtime close friend—Miles aims to show his personal Pixburgh, a complex view of city-life. “I’m trying to show people the depth of Pitt,” says the early-twenties rapper and producer, disagreeing with pop culture’s portrayal of partying, Steelers, and stacked sandwiches. His title, an homage to the regional dialect, represents a star who came from and thrives in a unique place and time. Fused with Devin’s most honest and courageous lyrics to date, the Fall 2014 release is candid snapshots of the artist and the man, immersed in his city.

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Pre-order PIXBURGH:

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