News: Dylan Owen Announces There’s More To Life EP, Re-Releases “Everything Gets Old” & “Sail Up The Sun”

The New York Rap Artist to Release Latest Installment of Coming-of-Age Story On June 8th



The Project:

New York rap artist Dylan Owen is releasing his highly-anticipated There’s More To Life EP this summer on June 8th. The album comes as the latest installment of Dylan’s coming-of-age journey following previous releases Keep Your Friends Close and Senioritis giving listeners a peek into his life with his confessional storytelling and fast multisyllabic rhymes. “Everything Gets Old” and “Sail Up The Sun” are the first singles off There’s More To Life, both piano-laden tracks uplifted by Dylan’s emotionally-charged lyrics.

“This is the story of me transitioning into young adulthood and letting go of who I used to be. Struggling to find my identity in this huge world, I reflect on the psychological adventures of my childhood and teenage years to discover why I am who I am,” Dylan explains. “I wrote all of these songs over the past few years, living between my solitary small hometown and the stress of NYC. I experienced a lot in that time: my friends and relationships changed, my parents changed, the hometown neighborhoods I grew up in changed. I started to come to grips with the things I won’t be able to do in life. There’s a lot of fear in that, but ultimately, I encourage myself and others who relate that there will be more to life than what we’ve known.”

The 22 year-old has seen over 25k downloads on his 2012 EP, Keep Your Friends Close, while being featured in Huffington Post, Newsday, Time Out New York, and more. In 2012, Billboard elected Dylan a top-15 “Next Big Sound” artist based on his swiftly growing online buzz. Gaining influence from a diverse set of artists like Atmosphere, Bright Eyes, Eminem, and Talib Kweli, There’s More To Life holds an organic, hip-hop-meets-indie rock sound with boom bap drums, live guitars, live violins, real antique pianos, and vintage lo-fi keyboards all in the same setting. Stay tuned for the EP, slated to release June 8th.

Listen to “Everything Gets Old”:

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Dylan Owen Background:

Dylan Owen is a rap artist from New York. With his own brand of heart-on-sleeve, confessional storytelling, he has built an undeniable fan following at a young age. His wordplay and multisyllabic patterns prove his proficiency as a rapper, while his writing feels more like that of a young storyteller who can also rhyme. Dylan left Cornell University in 2011 to develop as an artist in New York City.

In late 2012, Billboard elected Dylan a top-15 “Next Big Sound” artist based on his swiftly growing online buzz. Dylan has opened for Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, Yelawolf, Chiddy Bang, Mac Lethal, Grieves, George Watsky, The Metermaids, Logic, Skizzy Mars, Asher Roth, and many others. Dylan will be releasing music and videos leading up to a new project, There’s More To Life, the next installment in his coming-of-age story.

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“Everything Gets Old”:

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