Album: E-40 – The D-Boy Diary: Books 1 & 2

D-Boy Diaries Goes Deep into E-40 & His Patnas’ Pasts, Growing Up in the Crack Era ’80’s in Vallejo, California 


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Critical Praise for E-40

“Whoever you are, and whatever your low-grade malaise, E-40 is here to banish it. The Bay Area rap forefather is a human exclamation point, a superhero whose power is remaining helplessly in love with his work. E-40 works harder and more joyfully at making great rap music than you or I have ever worked on anything”Pitchfork

“The Bay Area’s ambassador E-40 is one of those rare veterans in hip-hop that gets better with time.”Complex

The Album:

A legend in the rap game, E-40 remains relevant and sought after for spitting the hardest bars of his career every time he steps up to the mic. Fresh off the momentum of two RIAA certified Gold records in 2016 (“Choices” and “Function”), today, 40 Water drops The D-Boy Diary Books 1 & 2, a 44-track double album packed with eccentric rhymes, acrobatic flows, and countless new entries into the slang lexicon. With features from Gucci ManeLil B, G-Eazy, Nef The Pharaoh, Droop-E, Jay Rock, Kid Ink, B-Legit, Mistah F.A.B., Mozzy, K Camp, Ezale, Jay 305, Kent Jones, Eric Bellinger, Casey Veggies, AD, Husalah, Turf Talk, Ricco Barrino, Joe Moses, and more, this momentous body of work is a testament to his deep Rolodex and his knowledge of the rap landscape, both marquee and underground.

Explains E-40, “These are my 26th and 27th solo albums and I feel real good. I played my position, I laced the unlaced, I’m telling my stories and other people’s stories all in one, about being brought up how I was brought up. It’s a blessing to be a rapper and talk about things that I’ve been through or my partnas or family been through and how we’ve conquered it. I’m very grateful about how my career has turned out. If I were to give advice to young rappers trying to make a career, I would say to take this music seriously and really put your all into it. Surround yourself with positive people who will tell you if you’re right or wrong. If you have a bunch of Yes Sirs, everything ain’t gon’ fall into place. Don’t depend on the CEO and the record label; help the CEO out by helping yourself out.”

Earlier this week, 40 dropped the video for Savage,” a rider’s anthem with a hook from Jazze Pha and a verse from B-Legit (and over 110,000 views since its release on Tuesday). “Savage” followed the GQ-premiere of club banger “On One,” featuring L.A. barker AD, which has racked up over 400,000 views on the official YouTube audio. Earlier this year, 40 released bass-heavy banger Slappin’,” featuring Nef The Pharaoh and D.R.A.M., which earned over 1.1 million views on the official YouTube video, and graced the airwaves with Petty,” featuring Kamaiyah, one of the Bay Area’s brightest rising stars. In addition to killing the rap game, E-40 is a respected entrepreneur in the adult beverage industry, highlighted by his Earl Stevens Selections brand of wine, his eponymous line of 40 oz. beers, and especially Sluricane, a premium pre-mixed cocktail that routinely ranks among Bev Mo‘s highest selling beverages. The D-Boy Diary Books 1 & 2 is currently available to stream and purchase on the DSP of your choice.

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E-40 Background:

One of the most celebrated rappers of all time, E-40 has attained legendary status in hip-hop. Since making his debut with The Click almost 30 years ago and becoming one of the first West Coast rap artists to sign to a major label, his name has become synonymous with the independent music movement. E-40 has released 24 solo albums, become a platinum recording artist and collaborated with artists including Tupac, UGK, and Snoop Dogg. At age 48, E-40 is an anomaly in hip-hop, maintaining his relevance over a career that spans three decades. In the past few years alone, he’s been featured on several Billboard charts (“Choices,” Big Sean’s “IDFWU”, Ty Dolla $ign’s “Saved”), he’s earned an RIAA-certified Gold plaque (“Choices”) and starred and had his 2006 smash hit “Tell Me When to Go” featured in a Beats By Dre commercial. Says E-40, “What’s happening at this point in my career defies logic. Name another 48-year-old rapper with one Gold record, let alone three in the same year. My fans stretch much further than the Bay Area, further than just the West Coast. I brought so much shit to hip-hop. I’ve been relevant in each generation and each decade and I’ve done it as an independent artist.”

E-40’s success extends beyond the music industry, most notably through his entrepreneurship in the adult beverages industry. His wine business, Earl Stevens Selections, distributes high-quality wine to stores across the country, including BevMo, Safeway, and local liquor stores. He has made inroads into the pre-mixed cocktail business with Sluricane, a signature bottled-mix named after his 1995 hit “Hurricane,” with The Click, which was the top-selling beverage at BevMo when it was first released. In 2015, E-40 released an eponymous brand of 40-oz. malt liquor. E-40 is continuing his unprecedented longevity and success as an independent artist with his next album, scheduled for late 2016.

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The D-Boy Diary: Books 1 & 2

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