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“He reminds us that with good ideas and confidence in your own vision, you don’t need to play by any rules but your own.”Pitchfork

“His flows are more versatile, his beats more lopsided and his sample-digging deeper, but Father’s lyrical threats and punchlines are as explicit and toxic as ever.” – Washington Post

“There’s never a dull moment with Father.”i-D

“His lyrics melt into the beat to create a new melody in the foreground, creating a dizzying high.”NME

Press Releases

Father Retreats To His Fortress in “So Awful ENT” Video ❄️
Father Returns with Wavy ‘HU$BAND 2’ EP, Shares “Oxenfree” Video
Father Shares Playful “Oxenfree” Single, Announces 6/28 HU$BAND 2 EP

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