Video: Flippa – “Don’t Play Me”

The ATL Rapper and Dab Originator Shares a Video for a Bubbly Highlight From the Upcoming Up To Something Mixtape


Critical Praise for Flippa:

“…one of the most respected lyricists in the Atlanta rap scene.” – XXL

“Skippa Da Flippa [is] the most lyrically talented unknown to come from the trap.”HipHopDX

“I don’t understand how somebody could not be a fan.”GreatFrank’sPlace

The Video:

With a gruff voice and a rapidfire flow, Flippa (formerly known as Skippa Da Flippa) is one of the most unheralded pioneers in the ATL rap game. Sharing a breezy video for a spritely new track, Flippa shares “Don’t Play Me,” his latest video. Radiating triumph with undertones of melancholy, Flippa asserts his superiority on the track, dancing above airy piano chords. In the video, Flippa pops bubbly with a cadre of models, chilling by the pool as day turns to dusk turns to night. “Don’t Play Me” is the lead single from Up To Something, Flippa’s upcoming project. The follow-up to 2017’s Flippa McFadden 2, Up To Something finds Flippa wringing pathos out of luscious trap production with his aggressive flow and down-to-earth lyricism.

Born and raised in Palm Beach, Florida, the rapper formerly known as Skippa Da Flippa moved to Atlanta when he was 13 years old. Shortly after arriving in ATL, Flippa made the acquaintance of Quavo and Takeoff, two future members of Migos. Flippa, Quavo, Takeoff, and later Offset, spent their youths rapping in abandoned houses, developing a reputation as the best rappers in their neighborhood. Inspired by the success of Migos, Flippa began to think of his rapping more as a career than a hobby, dropping I’m Havin, his first project for Quality Control Records, in 2014. Featuring guest appearances from all three members of Migos and production from the likes of Murda Beatz and Cassius Jay, I’m Havin’ was an overnight success, leading to heavy regional buzz and a successful tour. In 2015, Migos and Flippa recorded a track about a dance move that Flippa pioneered a couple years earlier: the Dab. Performed by everyone from Cam Newton to Hillary Clinton, the Dab grew into a massive worldwide dance craze. Since then, Flippa’s profile continued to rise, appearing on Lil Yachty’s massive “Minnesota” in 2016 and growing his Spotify fanbase to over 200,000 monthly listeners.

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Flippa Background:

Skippa Da Flippa may not yet be a household name, but his presence has been ubiquitous for years as both an ATLien OG and the inventor of the dab. Hailing from Florida, Skippa grew up in a two-bedroom apartment with three sisters, four brothers and two cousins, along with his mother and father. Every day was spent trying to get by—“We were trying to get up out the goddamn ‘hood,” he says—and though he soaked up more localized music like Pitbull and Gucci Mane, he didn’t think of art as an escape. It wasn’t until he moved to Atlanta around the age of 16 and met Migos’ Quavo, Offset and Takeoff that he started to take rapping seriously. A staple on their projects, they recorded music while he was signed to the Florida-based Quality Control that yielded smash singles like “Trenchez” and “Safe House.”

Over the past few years, he’s parlayed his Migos co-sign into a fruitful solo career, from releasing a string of mixtapes to dropping verses on hits like Lil Yachty’s “Minnesota (Remix),” Migos and Young Thug’s “Crime Stoppers,” and Jose Guapo’s “Run It Up.” Along with his high-profile features, Skippa has cultivated an impressive workflow, dropping five mixtapes in the last three years. From I’m Havin’ (which got almost 750,000 hits on Live Mixtapes upon release) and 2015’s Flippa McFadden, to last year’s I’m Havin’ 2 and I’m Tellin Ya, the latter featuring guest appearances from Young Thug, Juicy J and Trouble, Skippa’s grind has yet to show signs of slowing. His next project, Up To Something, comes out this fall.

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