Hip-Hop Label Funk Volume Signs Three Producers

DJ Hoppa, Kato, and Rikio Announced As First Producers to Join the Burgeoning Independent Label



The News:

Funk Volume, the burgeoning independent hip-hop label home to Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton, and SwizZz is excited to announce the signing of three producers to the label: DJ Hoppa, Kato, and Rikio. Funk Volume will administer all publishing for the three producers and will also represent and assist the producers in seeking song placements both within and outside of the Funk Volume roster, as well as with licensing opportunities.

For those familiar with the work that Funk Volume has been putting in over the past few years, all three names are recognizable. DJ Hoppa serves as not only a producer on a number of projects from the label, but he’s also Funk Volume’s official tour DJ. Hoppa first joined as Hopsin’s I am RAW Tour DJ  in 2011 and has been steady hitting the road with them across several continents since. Kato, part of the Atlanta-based SMKA production team, has served as a long-time producer for fellow ATLien Jarren Benton, and lent his production throughout Jarren’s recent Funk Volume debut, My Grandmas Basement, and Rikio has similarly spent a number of years producing tracks for Dizzy Wright, with his production appearing on each of Dizzy’s Funk Volume releases.

“It’s an exciting announcement and another huge step forward for Funk Volume,” says label co-founder and CEO Damien “Dame” Ritter, “but the reality is that these guys have already been a big part of what we have been doing over the past few years. We just needed to wait until the label was in a position to support the growth of dope producers because it’s a little different than growing an artist. We feel that now is that time.”

It’s an equally exciting time for the three producers. “Being a part of Funk Volume has been a major part of me taking my career and as DJ and producer to the next level,” notes DJ Hoppa, who in addition to lending his production to a variety of artists is also putting together his own producer album. “Joining Funk Volume means a great deal to me,” says Rikio, “because I have the freedom to make the type of music that I want to make, which is huge.” For Kato, who like DJ Hoppa is also working on a producer album, having spent a number of years making a name for himself as part of the SMKA production team makes joining a roster like Funk Volume no less meaningful. “Initially, my production for Jarren was a big part in the label noticing me,” he explains. “I’m excited to officially be working with one of the strongest teams in independent music.”

Read more info on the producers here: http://myfunkvolume.com/fv-producers/

Stay tuned for details on the forthcoming releases from the label, which include Hopsin’s Knock Madness album and the label documentary, Funk Volume: Independent Living.

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About Funk Volume:

Funk Volume is a record label and marketing and production company founded to give hip hop artists a home to freely express themselves without feeling controlled or pressured by any other outside forces. Damien ” Dame ” Ritter, MBA grad from Stanford University founded Funk Volume after watching his younger brother SwizZz and pal Hopsin fight to gain recognition in the music industry. Although Hopsin was previously signed to the legendary Ruthless Records he was never granted the recognition he deserved. Dame and Hopsin took matters into their own hands in pursuit of helping independent artists better understand what it takes to build a career in music. Currently home to a diverse but small roster of artists with varying styles from different regions (Hopsin, SwizZz, Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton and DJ Hoppa,) Funk Volume’s plan is to represent only the most talented and most creative artists they can find. Funk Volume now has a unbelievable and growing fan base with chart-topping hits on Itunes, millions of views on Youtube and and can also claim to have two XXL Freshmen acts on their roster with Hopsin (2012) and Dizzy Wright (2013.) Funk Volume is not a “movement,” “gang,” or “squad.” Funk Volume is a commitment – to protect the integrity of the music and conduct our business properly. It is a commitment to hip-hop, to its fans, and to each other.

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