Song: Garren – “You Know That” ft. YFN Lucci

After Confronting His Father in Viral Video, The TIG Artist Flexes on His Success in His Latest, HighSnobiety-Premiered Single


The Song:

Channeling deep empathy and wise-beyond-his-years wisdom into irresistible rap-n-b jams, Garren is Los Angeles’ next big star. Flexing his considerable pipes over an ethereal trap symphony, Garren reflects on his come-up on “You Know That.” Recruiting fellow Think It’s a Game artist YFN Lucci, with whom Garren shares a gift for melody and for adding emotional heft to street music, Garren boasts about his self-made status, and expands upon the importance of hard work to his success. Premiered by HighSnobiety, the bombastic, atmospheric “You Know That” has the potential to be a cross-regional smash.

Explains Garren, “‘You Know That’ was made for the winners who have doubters that don’t want you to prosper. It’s hard to do good in the hood because poverty stricken areas are filled with people who may try to stop you simply because they can’t see themselves in the position you’re aiming for. That’s why the single cover art shows the same projects where I grew up in Compton. I had to work my way up and overcome the hardships that come with being someone who’s doing something positive. The way Lucci and I connected was very organic. I was in Atlanta and we were in the same studio. We chopped it up and instantly clicked. We made the song that night off of pure vibes. No thinking or planning, just great vibes. We both come from nothing and turned that into something, so when that’s real, you can feel it, respect it, and make dope music off of it. As an LA artist, it’s very important to connect with other artists outside of LA because it brings diversity to my sound. Every time I work with anyone, I’m always excited about being able to learn. So to me, it’s bigger than only connecting with people in my city. ”

Born and raised in Compton, Garren grew up with a hardworking mother and a father who spent a lot of time in jail and the rest of the time on the block. As Garren grew and threw himself into his music, he still felt a nagging lack of closure with his relationship with his father, who he never felt he knew. Last month, the 22-year-old Garren got ahold of his father and sat him down for an interview, in which he asked his father pointed questions about why he chose the streets over his family at home. The video went viral after the artist shared it on his Instagram, and it paints a vivid portrait of the drawbacks of the life so often dramatized in Hip-Hop. Following his viral success with the moving video, Garren releasedWrong Way,” an addictive and thoughtful track that echoes some of the themes from his conversation with his dad. Premiered by Ebro on Beats 1, the track caught fire on SoundCloud, where it charted in the top ten and racked up over 368,000 plays in less than a month. Signed to Think It’s a Game Records, Garren looks to expand his fame beyond SoundCloud with his upcoming project, coming later this year.

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