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“One of our new favorites!”BET

“‘Jersey Luv’ is a love letter not just to Jersey itself, but to the creative force of its residents.”Earmilk

“Hailing from New Jersey, GROOVY brings something new and fun to the intersection of R&B, House, Club and Pop.” Def Pen

Born and raised in Union, New Jersey, GROOVY is an independent New Jersey-based artist whose musical expression defies genre. Growing up in a musical household with a father who was a global touring house DJ, GROOVY grew up on a steady diet of house music and hip-hop. The 24-year-old artist recalls witnessing creativity at its finest at a very young age, as artists from all over the world made pit stops at his childhood home to collaborate with his father. In 2023, GROOVY is fearlessly embarking on a new musical journey, abandoning his roots in alternative hip-hop and moving towards a new, eclectic sound, effortlessly blending the R&B, Neo-Pop and House genres while leaving listeners with infectious music fit for late nights on the dance floor.

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GROOVY Shares “jersey luv (turn me on)” Pack After Hitting 1 Billion Views on TikTok

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