Mixtape: G-Val & Lil Yase – What A Time 2 Grind



The Mixtape:

Two San Francisco hustlers known for their raw rhymes, G-Val and Lil Yase grow even stronger when they team up. Returning for their second collaborative project, G-Val and Lil Yase serve up What a Time to Grind 2, a lean, 10-track slap delivery machine. Reliable purveyors of sidewinding, endlessly funky Bay Area sh*t, G-Val and Lil Yase elevate their game on this one, forming like Voltron to fend off haters, get money, and talk dirty to the ladies. Opening up with a radio-style intro featuring testimonials from devoted fans, the album boasts Bay bangers of all shapes and sizes, such as the braggadocious mob track “Blue Strips,” the down-and-dirty, bass-heavy “Juice,” the drawly, humorous diss track “Bozo,” and the the unconventional for-the-ladies anthem “No Good.” Featuring appearances from neighborhood rappers like Symba, Yatta, KE, Gerald Gates, and JQWhat a Time to Grind 2 is the second collaboration between Lil Yase and G-Val after 2015’s What a Time to Grind. Premiered by Mass AppealWhat a Time to Grind 2 is one of the most purely fun projects to come from the west side of the Bay Bridge in a long time.

“Me and Lil Yase did this album because something like this has never happened before… where someone from the Sunnydale area and another from Hunters Point area of San Francisco created a project together,” explains G-Val. “If you from San Francisco, you know that history; Before, those two sides of the city didn’t get along for a long time. We changing things. We really just giving back to the fans because they truly believe in us. Right now, we putting on for the whole city and what we stand for… so, what a time to grind!”

A popular Bay rapper with several local hits to his name, Lil Yase is a former high school basketball player who parlayed his musical talent into a career, collaborating with the likes of Nef The PharaohLil Blood, and others. His biggest track, Diss Me,” has over 2 million plays on Spotify and over 260,000 views on YouTube. In 2015, Yase struck gold when he collaborated with G-Val, for the EP What a Time 2 Grind. A native of the Bayview Hunters’ Point neighborhood of San Francisco. G-Val is a local hero in the Bay, collaborating with the likes of E-40 on Facts Straight collaborating with Bobby Brackinson Girls,” and mobbing with Mozzy on “No Matter.” Together, the two rappers represent for the West Bay, spitting hard-as-nails rhymes over mob and hyphy instrumentals, magnifying each others’ charisma on their party-positive tracks. With What a Time to Grind 2, the two rappers perfect their formula for a lean, banger-packed 30 minutes.

Listen to What a Time to Grind 2:  https://soundcloud.com/empire/sets/g-val-lil-yase-what-a-time-to

Buy What a Time to Grind 2: https://itun.es/us/9ognkb

Check out the Mass Appeal premiere: https://massappeal.com/g-val-lil-yase-what-a-time-to-grind-2-premiere/

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What a Time to Grind 2https://itun.es/us/9ognkb // https://soundcloud.com/empire/sets/g-val-lil-yase-what-a-time-to

“Got Bitches”: https://open.spotify.com/track/0LlJROEHe5n4hBzpgj3qgS

What a Time to Grindhttps://itunes.apple.com/us/album/what-a-time-to-grind-ep/id1065678949

“All My N****z”: https://open.spotify.com/track/0tORgs6NSVWWqAdgI0N2Uk