Single: Hare Squead – “Petty” (ft. Shauna Shadae & Wusu)

The Dublin Duo Turns Up The Tempo on Their Latest Single, Influenced by UK Dancehall, Afrobeats, and Future R&B

Critical Praise:

“Hare Squead are pioneers of a creative boom taking place in Dublin… They have Ed Sheeran’s business savvy, compositional expertise , plus chiselled jaws and puppyish enthusiasm.”The Guardian

“Blending hip-hop, soul and pop in a way that feels both soothing and full of energy, the results carry some heavy Chance the Rapper and De La Soul vibes with a distinctly Irish twist.”Noisey

“With a name as unique as Hare Squead, their sound is just as special.”XXL

“There’s no denying the group’s ascension; in Dublin, Ireland—a city only now becoming known for its hip-hop—Hare Squead is becoming one of its most recognizable acts.”Pitchfork

The Song:

Dublin group Hare Squead use their omnivorous musical taste and unique vocal patter to expand the sonic palette of hip-hop. Ratcheting up the BPM to bemoan unrequited love, Hare Squead shares Petty (ft. Shauna Shadae & Wusu)” their genre-bending single. Taking elements from afropop, UK rap, and dancehall, and creating their own club-ready concoction, “Petty” is an exhilarating listen, complete with flamenco handclaps, melodic electric guitar, and upbeat 808s. Featuring appearances from dancehall emcee Wusu, who bellows the track’s hook, and Shauna Shadae, who provides a female counterpart to Hare Squead’s lovesick pining, “Petty” synthesizes the anxiety and exhilaration of pursuing a toxic connection. Premiered by Clash Magazine, who called the track “an all-out summer anthem,” the new single was recorded at Grouse Lodge Studios in Ireland, located in a Georgian mansion, noteworthy for being one of Michael Jackson’s favorite vacation spots.

“We were scared as f*ck in that haunted old Grouse Lodge studio but came out with a summer bop,” say Hare Squead. “It’s hard to know where our inspiration comes from, but we listen to a lot of different genres and this is just how we were feeling that day.”

“Petty” follows the spritely single 100 Miles,” which enjoys prominent placement on Spotify’s influential, multi-genre POLLEN playlist (193k followers) and garnered over 1 million plays across platforms.

Blazing a trail for hip-hop in their hometown of Dublin, Ireland, Hare Squead (a duo comprised of Lilo Blues and Tony Konstone) developed a loyal fanbase on both sides of the Atlantic with their eccentric and melodic sound. Praised by the likes of PitchforkNoiseyThe Guardian, and many others, Hare Squead found the ears of Goldlink in 2017, when he included a remix of their song “Herside Story” on his At What Cost album, generating over 45 million plays on Spotify. In 2017, the group released two acclaimed singles “Flowers” and “Pure,” which earned more than 6 million combined streams on Spotify alone. With a monthly listenership of 860k, Hare Squead continues to grow their following with their innovative and infectious songs.

Listen to “Petty” ft. Wusu & Shauna Shadae: https://youtu.be/99rSq-C2j0g

Buy/Stream “Petty” ft. Wusu & Shauna Shadae: https://indpop.fanlink.to/petty

Check out the Clash Mag premiere: https://www.clashmusic.com/news/dublins-hare-squead-break-all-the-rules-on-new-single-petty

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The Background

Way beyond, across the pond, Hare Squead are quickly making a name for themselves. Hip-Hop and Ireland may seem like two points on opposite ends of the spectrum but the now-band of two, comprised of Tony Konstone and Lilo Blues, are imprinted within both worlds and look at themselves as more than just an anomaly. In 2016, the group found success outside of their local scene with “Long Way to Go” and took advantage of that by dropping their Supernormal EP. The standout single off the EP, “Herside Story,” quickly became a favorite, which led to Goldlink including a remix of the group’s song on his At What Cost album in 2017. Combined, “Herside Story” has amassed over 40 million streams on Spotify to-date. Also in 2017, the group released two acclaimed singles “Flowers” and “Pure,” which earned more than 5 million combined streams on Spotify alone. However, as success builds, unexpected turns can arise to derail everything. After an 18-month absence from the spotlight, in February 2019, Hare Squead made their return with “100 Miles,” a bubbly, guitar-driven single that was inspired by the emotional vulnerability of Aretha Franklin’s “I Say a Little Prayer.” The group plans to release two EPs this year and re-introduce themselves to the world as a formidable talent.


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“Petty” ft. Wusu & Shauna Shondae: https://indpop.fanlink.to/petty

“100 Miles”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dwd85srobUE |  https://open.spotify.com/album/2IgwnCEN1pT2NGd0WCBFOe?si=YxWjCJD8RXGm6-D9qM6lpw

“Pure”: https://open.spotify.com/album/4KwGcYRYvAlifOrPiW6li4?si=pztFwT-hRtyaw-B9ZV9DHw

“Flowers”: https://open.spotify.com/album/6219jeryZvGsnVSZj2vQj3?si=uoddrajdRd-aL0gL0jNlRA

“Herside Story” w/ Goldlink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-zeV_s3bfY

“Herside Story”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXVJTRXgCCg

“If I Ask”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpTOnpd2THI

Supernormal EP: https://open.spotify.com/album/4J6AAwaW46J6REDAPI7x2e