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Half-dead and Zombified Hopsin Releases Demented New Video From Knock Madness Album


The Video:

As a former acting extra for drama series Cold CaseGilmore Girls, and That’s So Raven, one might expect a more sensitive heartfelt video to convey the struggle of finding himself from actor-turned-rapper Hopsin, but with a carefully deranged demonic approach, he exhibits an excellent exorcist-like performance for the video for “I Need Help” from his recently released album Knock MadnessAs someone who takes a 360° approach to creating his art and visuals, Hopsin takes sincere care to create exactly what he wants. He says ” I look like an idiot to grab attention,” while spitting hard bars and introspectively divulging details about his personal demons. Through it all, Hopsin conveys that he’s just like us – not only is he just another human, struggling trying to find his place in society without losing his mind but he demonstrates that we can be our own worst enemy. He says ” The world makes me feel like I lost myself… if  you got a solution for me you should probably holler at your boy if you know somebody.” Characterizing himself as a schizo mashup with a demonic-zombie-psycho to tell the tale, Hopsin spills his guts in this highly illustrative plea.

In his cry for help, a bloodied and bruised Hopsin is frantically on the run in the misty woods with hopes of escaping his murderers. While doing so, he helplessly stumbles upon his friends saying “They’re trying to kill me.. I don’t know, I woke up and came back from the dead.” The urgent beat is then introduced as he arrives at an abandoned cabin, where he quickly develops a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde complex. Coming to terms with his evil ways, Hopsin declares “I’m not the man I used to be,” visually playing into the notion that the cross over between good and evil has occurred, and that there is no turning back. With a heavy use of flickering lights, freeze framing and a throbbing bass-line, his insanity is supercharged and he challenges the thought that he can’t be helped. Hop is an artist who regards visuals just as high as his music, something that his 785,000 subscribers on YouTube know all too well. Says Hopsin,“I want people to know it’s a Hopsin video. A lot of things matter: Colors, cuts, wardrobe, and acting. Some rappers come out and look so fake instantly. You just gotta learn how to make yourself into something that there’s not a lot of things about you that people can knock.”

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Hopsin Background:

Panorama, California native Hopsin faced many obstacles and controversy to get to where he is now. Hopsin’s obstacles first began as a child, being placed in special education classes and forced to believe that he would never amount to anything, which caused him to drop out of school completely in 2004. By 2010, Hopsin unhappily signed to a former label that failed to reach his artistic and commercial expectations.  Surviving all obstacles and controversy, Hopsin is now not only a successful rapper but also a producer, editor, actor and director. He has amassed an incredible 785,00 YouTube subscribers and 2 million Facebook “Likes” over years of hard work and dedication. In addition, Hopsin is co-founder of indie power house Funk Volume. Funk Volume currently has 260,000 Youtube subscribers and 415,000 Facebook “Likes.”  Hopsin focuses on how to engage fans with both sharp lyricism and careful branding, and brings forth a unique attitude and charisma that makes hip hop unpredictable again. He released his sophomore album, Knock Madness, on November 26th, 2013 and is constantly on tour. He will be touring Canada and Europe soon – dates here:

Funk Volume Background:

There are few labels in hip-hop doing it quite like Funk VolumeFunk Volume is a Los Angeles-based record label, marketing, and production company that been cited as a leader among independent rap labels with over 62 million YouTube views, 415,000 Facebook “Likes” consistent Top 10 chart placements on Billboard and iTunes and high profile write-ups in media outlets such as Forbes, Billboard, SPIN, LA Weekly, and many more. Founded in 2008 by internationally recognized rap artist Hopsin and Stanford MBA grad Damien “Dame” Ritter, the label was created with one thing in mind: protecting the integrity of the artist’s vision. Currently home to rappers Hopsin, SwizZz, Dizzy Wright, and Jarren Benton and more recently, DJ’s and producers Hoppa, Kato, and Rikia, the label has quickly transformed into being a label to watch by fans and industry insiders alike. Funk Volume recently released their first documentary, Independent Living, which captures the artists’ swift rise during their 44-date national tour in 2012. The latest release from the Funk Volume label is marquee artist Hopsin’s Knock Madness. For more info:

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