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“In a frenzied genre, she’s a calm rapper, which is part of what makes this song so frosty — the beat is skittish and portentous, but Ice Spice sounds at peace. She’s rhyming quickly, but also calmly and slightly dismissively, probably because of the subject matter. That would be a man who might be useful in some ways, but is easily dismissed — someone who’s on call, but barely needed. He’s good at one thing, and when that’s done, not much else — he’s a munch. Get used to saying it.” – The New York Times

“Ice Spice’s ‘Munch (Feelin’ U)’ Is the New York Rap Song of the Summer We’ve Been Waiting For”Pitchfork

“How Ice Spice Added Zest to New York Drill”Rolling Stone

“She knows exactly how and where to exhale her rhymes into drill music’s sleek architecture, offering a breathy human counterpoint to the alien bass lines, the glitchy hi-hats, the antiseptic synth melodies that tend to hide out in the corner.” – The Washington Post

“Setting trails ablaze as a powerful female figure in a male-dominated subculture, Bronx-made artist Ice Spice hit the New York drill scene with buzzworthy cuts like ‘Bully Freestyle’ and ‘Euphoric.’ … the 22-year-old has become synonymous with razor-sharp bars, in-your-face delivery, and ominous beats.” – Pigeons & Planes

“Ice Spice knows how to create a mood” – Pitchfork – Meet five women breathing new life into New York drill

“One of the most exciting new voices to come out of BX” – Audiomack

“Ice Spice simply has all the tools for success and knows how to use them…The 22-year-old pairs her appearance with the cleanest and catchiest production coming out of the Bronx, grabbing listeners’ attention before she even speaks” –DJ Booth

“Her presence is strong and steadfast without having to scream or degrade her way into making a point or getting people moving….abundantly clear that Ice Spice will be one of the next big names to pop from New York City” – Lyrical Lemonade

It’s become the line heard all across social media, fueled by Bronx rapper/singer Ice Spice. The 22-year-old rising star first posed that question on her viral hit “Munch (Feelin’ U)” and it’s been up ever since. The song has since surfed the airwaves of streaming platforms and even TikTok, boosted by a cosign from Drake and armed with a video that adds colorful visuals to this Drill anthem. While Ice Spice is steadily soaring up the ranks as the First Lady of Bronx Drill, she has much more in store—transcending genres and moving from New York City onto the rest of the world.

Growing up off Fordham Road in the Bronx, life for young Ice was “fun, but chaotic.” The traffic, the parties, and the fights all checkered Ice’s block. Meanwhile at home, she was taking in music from both of her parents. The product of a Dominican mother and Black father, Ice listened to a cross section of Latin artists like Aventura mixed with hip-hop artists like Jay-Z, Wu-Tang Clan, and Jadakiss. “I feel like I always had that music bug,” Ice explains, considering her mother sang and her father was a local independent rapper.

It started with writing poems, from Kindergarten through high school, graduating to writing rhymes in college. As a first-year Communications major at SUNY Purchase, Ice rapped over beats from various producers who attended the Arts college. She opted for the name Ice Spice, as her nickname Ice (short for Isis) was paired with a rhyme that also matched her personality. She found her perfect creative partnership with producer RIOT who helped shape Ice’s sound by throwing her a collection of beats that catered to her versatility.

The first to make noise was “No Clarity,” an EDM-infused cut where Ice muses about the complexities of love. “That song really started everything,” she explains. “I knew I was getting close to finding my voice and tapping into where I see myself as an artist.” Her follow-up track “Name Of Love,” fanned the flames once it was coined by Ebro as the “discovery of the day” on Apple Music Radio. Her other songs like “Euphoric” and “Bully Freestyle” showed the many dimensions of the artist’s knack for slick wordplay and storytelling over a diverse plate of beats. The world continued to take notice, as Ice touched mics from Power 105’s On The Radar to a billboard in Times Square as part of the Footlocker x Converse Black Music Month campaign. She was crowned by Pitchfork as one of “Five Women Breathing Life Into New York Drill” in the Spring and by Summer was named by Audiomack as one of “Ten Rappers You Should Know Right Now.”

The story of “Munch” happened organically, months before the buzz even started, when she was just putting the song concept together. “I wanted a fast type of Drill beat, something I could twerk to,” Ice recalls. “Once I got that beat from my producer, the lines just came to me. I made the hook and filled in the verses, but the whole song was punched in. I made that song line by line.” The banger is about someone doing too much, in other words, munch’n. “Munch” quickly became a regional battle cry, bringing a whole new awareness to the Bronx Drill scene. The track soared through social media, reaching the ears of none other than Drake when he discovered the song on Instagram and DMed Ice with praise. “I had just landed in LA, and I was sitting in LAX waiting for my driver because I was on my way to a Genius Open Mic performance,” Ice recalls. “I see @champagnepapi” on the top of my phone screen, and I was like, ‘No way bro.’” Drake actively supported the song on social media, adding fuel to the fire. The video was shot in the Bronx’s St. James Park, where, “Everyone popped out,” Ice adds. “It was a movie.”

Major labels are consistently calling, but the independent star has yet to answer, still plotting her next moves. An EP, however, is on the horizon. “I feel like the fans that have been with me since day one are just waiting for that,” Ice explains. Ice Spice plans to keep the momentum going in Drill, while moving into other sounds and styles. Her dream collaborations run the gamut from Rubi Rose to Drake. “I just want people to know that I’m versatile,” she expresses. “I speak Spanish, so expect a Spanish record from me, plus I sing too. I have a lot coming, because I do everything.”

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