Icewear Vezzo Announces Rich Off Pints 3, Coming This Summer

The Detroit Drank God Links Up With Two Fellow 313 OGs in “The Commission” ft. Payroll Giovanni & Peezy

The Final Installment in Vezzo’s Signature Mixtape Series, Rich Off Pints 3 Solidifies the Rapper As One of the Key Figures in Rap’s Hottest Scene

Critical Praise:

“The King of contemporary Detroit rap” – HYPEBEAST

“‘Champions’ is arguably the best single out of Detroit this year” – Pitchfork

“As a Detroit hip-hop veteran, Icewear Vezzo has earned his position in the city’s hierarchy. With his first mixtape, The Clarity, dropping in 2013, and turning into a series, along with his presence in Detroit, the groundwork he’s put in over time is respected.”- XXL

The Announcement:

Rhyming over creeping instrumentals with a sinister wisdom, Icewear Vezzo created the blueprint for success in the Detroit rap scene. Preparing a new effort that explores Vezzo’s rise from the streets to C-suites, Vezzo announces Rich Off Pints 3his next mixtape. The conclusion to his signature mixtape series, which has generated over 150 million streams across its two previous volumes, Rich Off Pints 3 focuses on Vezzo’s efforts to put the streets behind him once and for all, and to turn quick profits into lasting wealth.

Adorned with the low note piano instrumentals that pair so well with Vezzo’s slick talk, Rich Off Pints 3 is the product of a man who has been through hell in the pursuit of better days, with songs that reflect the reality of Detroit street life and others that prove that Vezzo understands that money alone does not make a person rich. Home to recent singles, like the diabolical Richer Than My Opps,” and the sneering Sicc Of Y’all, which has over 1.5 million YouTube views since its early May release, Rich Off Pints 3 arrives June 29th via Vezzo’s own Iced Up Records.

“Richness isn’t just a financial measurement, it’s a mindset,” says Vezzo. “You can have a lot of money and still be poor, mentally. You can be rich in loyalty in relationships, in your outlook in life. You got guys who are rich who are assholes, who don’t think about the energy they put out in the world. There’s people who got money who think they can treat people however just because they have money. To me, they’re poor. If that money goes away, they don’t have nothing. But if I go broke today, I still got a lot and I’ll be good, because I lead a good lifestyle and treat people well. I’ll be fine because I’m successful mentally. My heart is successful.”

Along with the announcement of the tape, Vezzo drops The Commission,” a new banger for summertime in Detroit. The new song features guest spots from Payroll Giovanni and Peezy, who along with Vezzo, helped lay the groundwork for the modern Detroit rap scene: Peezy, along with rappers like Babyface Ray and DameDot, was a member of the crucial collective Team Eastside, while Payroll ran with the seminal rap group Doughboyz Cashout prior to his Big Bossin’ days. In “The Commission,” the three 313 architects make a formidable three man weave, as they trade rich life bars atop Flint-area producer Wayne616‘s Michigan-style distorted bass. In the video, directed by Kardiak, the D-Town trio host a banquet in the parking lot, reveling in the company of their homies and a trio of foreign luxury autos.

Consistently racking up more than 4 million streams on his catalog per week, Vezzo’s ambitions reach far beyond music, and even beyond the physical realm. The Iced Up Records CEO is a serial entrepreneur, starting his own businesses in fields as diverse as real estate, cannabis, snacks (look out for a new line of potato chips), and jewelry maintenance. Vezzo is on track to be a pioneer in the burgeoning metaverse, with his own VezzoVerse launching soon and a forthcoming line of NFTs.

With Rich Off Pints 3, Vezzo closes a chapter in his eventful career, leaving his past behind and focusing on an even shinier future. Stay tuned for more details.

Watch “Commission” ft. Peezy & Payroll Giovanni: https://youtu.be/V-ovAiecwuI

Buy/Stream “Commission” ft. Peezy & Payroll Giovanni: https://foundation-media.ffm.to/thecommission

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The Background:

Respected from The A to The Bay and everywhere in between, Icewear Vezzo helped build the Detroit rap scene into the flourishing behemoth it is today.  Since releasing his first mixtape The Clarity in 2013, Vezzo built a large and loyal fanbase in The Mitten and beyond, feeding the streets and his 131k YouTube subscribers with high-quality releases and representing for Detroit on tracks by Big SeanG HerboDrakeo The RulerDJ MustardZaytoven, and many others. The 31-year-old artist frequently collaborates with other major figures in the Detroit scene, including Peezy and Babyface Ray, who he featured on his street hit –in just the past two years, Vezzo made waves with songs like Meg Thee Stallion” ft. Babyface Ray, GT & Veeze (7.8 million YouTube views. named one of the Best Songs of 2020 by Passion Of The Weiss), The Sit-Down” ft. Babyface Ray (6.2 million views), and Dog Action” ft. Rio Da Yung OG (10 million YouTube views).

In addition to his heavy stature in the rap game, Vezzo makes moves as an entrepreneur in multiple industries. He’s the owner of his own label Iced Up Records, recently launched the Iced Up Films, a production company whose first film Price Of Love (starring Vezzo himself) is available for rent on Amazon, and is the CEO of his own clothing company Drank God Clothing. Though he’s a self-made man, Vezzo never forgets to give back–his company Iced Up Realty focuses on providing affordable housing in the Detroit community in which he was raised, and he teamed up with his mom to start The Detroit Rappers Organization, which is heavily involved in seasonal giveaways and field trips for Detroit’s youth.

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“Commission” ft. Peezy & Payroll Giovanni: https://youtu.be/V-ovAiecwuI

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