Video: Kazzie – “Ass & Titties” ft. CupcaKKe

The Rising Rapper Mobs in the City in the DGB-Premiered Video From Kazzie & The Wavy Bunch


The Video:

“What happens in the strip club, stays in the strip club” croons New Jersey rapper Kazzie in his latest video. Teaming up with provocative Chicago native CupcaKKe for a raunchy new anthem, Kazzie shares Ass & Titties.” In the video, Kazzie and CupcaKKe mob in front of a city skyline, as Kazzie lists his strip club expectations and CupcaKKe delivers her signature explicit rhymes: “On his knees like he believe in Jesus.” Premiered by Dirty-Glove Bastard, “Ass & Titties” is the latest single from Kazzie & The Wavy Bunch, Kazzie’s latest mixtape. Released by SLS EntertainmentKazzie & The Wavy Bunch finds Kazzie demonstrating his electric chemistry with a cadre of rising female emcees

Showing off his versatile style and his skills as a collaborator, Kazzie shares Kazzie & The Wavy Buncha ten-track new mixtape. On the new mixtape, Kazzie demonstrating his electric chemistry with a cadre of rising female emcees, as he harmonizes with Rico Nasty on Think I’m In Love,” talks tough with Molly Brazy on With It,” and gets romantic with Dreezy on Going Nowhere.” Featuring an additional appearance from South Carolina’s Renni RucciKazzie & The Wavy Bunch finds Kazzie adapting his style to fit his collaborators, shifting the production, style, and subject matter to best fit his current collaborator. Arriving via SLS EntertainmentKazzie & The Wavy Bunch is a fascinating concept record and an excellent intro to the wavy world of Kazzie.

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“Ass & Titties” ft. CupcaKKe:

Kazzie & The Wavy Bunch

“Mad Or What” ft. Renni Rucci:

“Going Nowhere” ft. Dreezy:

“With It” ft. Molly Brazy:

“Think I’m In Love” ft. Rico Nasty: