Video: Kesington Kross – “Gimme Your Love”


Critical Praise for Kesington Kross:

“Audio Justice unapologetically goes left, employing the slick guitars and earnest nastiness of ’80s heroes like Rick James and Prince.” – The FADER

“TRIPLE THREAT ALERT! Every track on Audio Justice is equally stellar.  Like, we’re talking songs that are drop-what-you’re-doing AWESOME.”MTV Buzzworthy

“He melds contemporary R&B with its ’80s equivalents—think Trey Songz if he were soundtracking a Don Johnson-era episode of Miami Vice.” – Complex

“This kid is going to be making noise for years to come.”Okayplayer

“If you’ve got any type of soul living inside of your skin, KES’ genre-bending new EP Audio Justice will become a fixture in your iTunes.”VIBE

The Video:

You’ve probably never heard anything like Kesington Kross. And you’ve definitely never seen anything like the debut video for his single, “Gimme Your Love, from his highly lauded Audio Justice EP, which he recently released. The video, shot gorgeously in HD, shows a future dystopia that borrows heavily aesthetically from Blade Runner, Matrix, and The Lost Boys. Apocalypse-like street sequences and performance clips are juxtaposed with scenes where Kesington, who channels a fierce Grace Jones x V for Vendetta look, courts a mysterious blue-haired companion. The video’s luster holds its own with the track’s sonic ingenuity.

For “Gimme Your Love” Kesington borrows expertly from several genres and spins them into his own undeniably-catchy blend of soulful synth-pop that almost forces you to sing with him. Driven by sugar-sweet 80s synths, powerful vocals, nasty guitar licks, and layered harmonies, Kesington reminds us why MTV Buzzworthy called the single “drop-what-you’re-doing AWESOME” and why VIBE urged readers to listen to his EP because “you will become obsessed.”

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Kesington Kross’s Background: 

“I’ve always been an all or nothing kind of guy,” says Kesington Kross” and living in Compton, coming from Orange County was a test of that.” Unable to leave any of his influences out of his music, Kesington worked to combine everything he loved. From David Bowie, he took escapism and Bowie’s ability to create alter egos. When listening to Depeche Mode, Kesington fell in love with the industrial feel of the music, the haunting melodies and the unconventional drum patterns. Phil Collins had ethereal melodies and emotional lyrics, Rick James had an incomparable ghetto groove and vulgarity that explored the psyche of men, and Prince represented the freedom of boundaries within sexuality, image as well as his music and lyrical perspective. Kesington used the contrast of all these iconoclastic enigmas through his well-defined storytelling, his concepts and production and his pushing-the-envelope imagery. For Kesington, being a rogue spirit is in his DNA. Alternating between the rave, rock and hip-hop scenes, he is continuously in search of a sense of familiarity and the ultimate pursuit of feeling closer to real life society and pop culture.

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“Gimme Your Love” video:

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