King Von Announces Debut Mixtape Grandson Vol. 1, Releasing on September 13th via Only The Family/EMPIRE

The Rising Chicago Firebrand Tells His Side of the Story on the Project’s Chopsquad DJ-Produced Lead Single “What It’s Like”

The Announcement:

Rapping with an uncommon ferocity and an intricate nose for detail, King Von’s visceral drill music propels him to the forefront of the Chi-town scene. Building off a series of buzzing singles and guest appearances, Von announces Grandson Vol. 1, his upcoming debut mixtape. The mixtape delves deep into Von’s past, positioning him as the heir to a long line of Chicago gangsters, dating back to David Barksdale, known as King David, the founder of the Black Disciples.

“When I was in jail, I got the name ‘Grandson’ because I reminded people of King David,” says King Von. “The older guys in jail, guys who were around when David was around, would call me that, cause I carried myself like him–‘you like David’s grandson.’ King David was a legendary figure, and a guy that everybody looked up to. He ran the streets with his own morals, and his own code, and that’s the code I live by too. That’s why people call me Grandson. Everybody wanted to follow me, and be around me.”

Showcasing peerless Von’s storytelling ability, Grandson Vol. 1 provides a compelling portrait of the Only The Family signee, providing insight into his upbringing, his stints in prison, and his grappling with rap fame. With production from drill sound architect Chopsquad DJ, who produced Von’s breakout hit Crazy Story” (38 million YouTube views and a popular remix starring Von’s mentor Lil Durk), among others, Grandson Vol. 1 arrives on September 13th via Only The Family/EMPIRE.

To accompany the announcement of Grandson Vol. 1, Von shares What It’s Like,” the project’s first single. A piano-led drill ballad with a beat from Chopsquad DJ, “What It’s Like” invites listeners to see life from Von’s perspective, as he processes the human toll of his actions and the environment in which he was raised. Though it’s less confrontational than Von’s best-known songs, “What It’s Like” doesn’t sacrifice any intensity in Von’s delivery, as he comments on the harsh realities of his life: “Don’t quit gotta fight em/You young and you black, they don’t like you/You got a son on the way, if they take you away/He gon’ f*ck around and be just like you.” The new single is an excellent introduction to the upcoming project, providing context for Von’s career and past.

Explains King Von: “‘What It’s Like’ is about what people from the streets feel when they get jammed up. I started writing the song in jail, but finished after I was out and I went back to visit people in lock-up. In the hood, they don’t explain to you the differences between the laws of the streets and the laws that govern the rest society. When you’re young, you see all the street guys reaping the rewards of their lifestyles, but you don’t understand the consequences that come if you get caught. I’ve been on both sides–in jail and on top, and ‘What It’s Like’ speaks to people in both spots about the things they haven’t been through yet.”

Listen to “What It’s Like”: https://empire.lnk.to/WhatItsLike

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The Background:

King Von was born in the South Side of Chicago, growing up in O Block, the area that produced Chief Keef.  After rightfully beating an erroneous murder charge that could have put him away for life, King Von took inspiration from heroes like Lil Wayne and turned to rapping, linking up with Lil Durk who signed him to his OTF label. Within six months, Von had a series of viral hits, including the sinister Problems,” which has over 3.4 million views after its debut on Lil Durk’s YouTube channel, and the defiant “War Wit Us,” which has over 3.8 million YouTube views. With “Crazy Story” currently burning up urban radio (it recently reached #76 on the nationwide chart), Von seems to be on the fast track to translate his fervent local following into national fame.


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“What It’s Like”: https://empire.lnk.to/WhatItsLike

“Crazy Story 2.0” ft. Lil Durk: https://Empire.lnk.to/Crazystory2 // https://soundcloud.com/officialkingvon/crazy-story-20-feat-lil-durk/ // https://youtu.be/lO7T9KLI7qA

“Cousins” ft. JusBlow 600: https://youtu.be/coPTwq-Lb2U

“Crazy Story”: https://Empire.lnk.to/Crazystory // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YC8NmE3H-zs

“Problems”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnHUoUgUsdE

“War Wit Us”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3nOr7vjif4