Video: Lil Tati – Handstand

The Miami Riser Teems with Confidence in Vibey Cut from his Debut Project, NiNET33N

Critical Praise:

“It’s as if his voice is an instrument, incessant but laid-back, finding hidden pockets within his sonic palette that maintain a feeling of cohesiveness. Nothing about Tati’s creative process feels forced, teetering between a melodic drawl and soft-spoken croons to accentuate his natural talent.” – Dirty Glove Bastard

NiNET33N serves as an exercise in versatility, as Tati expertly morphs his sound and delivery with each track.” – OnSmash

The Video:

With his seamless blend of flirty R&B with booming, bass-heavy beats, Lil Tati has poised himself as Miami’s latest rising star. With abundant confidence overflowing and red cup in hand, Tati emerges once again to turn up the weekend in grand fashion with new visuals for his party banger, “Handstand.” With it’s laid-back, pop-infused instrumental over which Tati spits self-assured bars with effortless swagger and infectious flows, the track showcases Tati’s star power in grand fashion as a standout from the CFMB Records signee’s recent debut album, NiNET33N.

The visuals for “Handstand” see Lil Tati taking full advantage of the fruits of his stellar breakout year, cruising down the open highway in his drop-top Rolls-Royce and picking up baddies by the beach without breaking a sweat. As day turns to night, the iced-out Tati and company roll up to a party where they are greeted by their newfound lady friends, donned in Tati’s NiNET33N merch as they dance, take pictures, and even knock down cups in a game of poolside pong. The casual, laid-back party atmosphere of the track combined with the video’s fun-loving festivities compliment each other to accentuate the carefree convivial vibe Tati delivers.

“Handstand” is the latest track from NiNET33N to receive visuals, following the recent video for his CJ-assisted drill-laced banger, “Came Up,” as well as “Up Late,” featuring dancehall legend Mavado. Available everywhere via CFMB Records, NiNET33N marks both Tati’s coming-of-age and a legacy coming full circle. The album’s title comes from the significance of the number nineteen, which not only marks Tati’s age upon his debut release, but the age his father was when Tati was born.

Music has always dominated Tati’s life, before he was even making it himself. He watched his father, Frank Miami, go from cutting hair at a barber shop to managing then-bubbling acts Farruko and Lary Over to later forming Carbon Fiber Music in 2014. The label is a Latin music powerhouse, home to the aforementioned acts, along with a number of heavy hitting artists and producers. While it’s inevitably a new era for Carbon Fiber Music as it extends its English-speaking-focused Billionaire arm, it’s a new era for Lil Tati as well. He is an extension of a legacy that has been cultivated over the last decade, only now he is a part of it on his own terms with his own sound.

With NiNET33N, Lil Tati stamped out a name for himself as the stars align for this undeniable talent. Stay tuned for much more in 2022.

Watch “Handstand”: https://youtu.be/k7I_HJ2IBFU

Buy/Stream NiNET33Nhttps://liltati.lnk.to/ninet33nan

Buy NiNET33N merch: https://liltatishop.com/

NiNET33N tracklist:

  1. Blah Blah Blah
  2. Fed Up
  3. Gucci Slides
  4. Came Up ft. CJ
  5. Turnt
  6. She Got It ft. Farruko
  7. Who Is The One
  8. Handstand
  9. Ball Out
  10. Up Late ft. Mavado

Credit: luievilleandcompany

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“Handstand”: https://liltati.lnk.to/handstand / https://youtu.be/k7I_HJ2IBFU

“Came Up” ft. CJ: https://youtu.be/V_ZKaWGA_N0


“Up Late” ft. Mavado: https://liltati.lnk.to/uplps / www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGKgUOxlDpQ