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“He never needs to raise his voice or act out just to grab your attention; his delivery is assured and consistent but never overconfident. But despite how second nature rapping is for Mozzy, he never lets that confidence tilt into arrogance.” – Pitchfork

“Mozzy is the definition of a rapper in the zone, with a signal-to-noise ratio that rivals anyone else working in hip-hop today.” – Complex

“Chalk it up as a victory for Sacramento’s lyrical champion.”HipHopDX

Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest West Coast Rap Songs of All Time (#68, “Bladadah”)


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Press Releases

Mozzy Salutes Fallen Souls in “Free Juju” Music Video
Mozzy & Lil Zay Osama Take Aim at Fakes in “Ain’t On Sh*t” Video
Mozzy Contemplates Mortality in the Heartfelt “If I Die Right Now” Video

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