Video: Nef The Pharaoh – “Kenan & Kel”

Who Loves Orange Soda? Nef Loves Orange Soda in This Impossibly Funky, VIBE-Premiered Tribute to the Kenan Thompson-Starring, Kid-Friendly Classic


Critical Praise:

20 Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2016 – Neffy Got Wings (#3) – FACT

2016 was the West Coast’s time to shine, and few rappers shined as brightly as Nef – FACT

“Neffy Got Wings is the album of the week” – Stereogum

“…the best rapper from Vallejo since the last great rapper from Vallejo” – Jeff Weiss

“…as a rapper, [Nef the Pharaoh] lets the energy lead and the bars follow, boasting and flexing with the kinds of memorable banalities that make up some of hip-hop’s best yet least-celebrated moments.” –Pitchfork

“Nef The Pharaoh is the Bay Area’s next up.” – HotNewHipHop

“Nef the Pharaoh runs neck-and-neck with Kodak Black as the most promising up-and-coming rapper who can’t yet rent a car.” – SPIN

“There may be no rapper working right now who brings more good cheer and positive vibes than Vallejo’s Nef the Pharaoh” – Noisey

The Video:

With an elastic flow, boundless energy, and clever rhymes, Nef The Pharoah is one of the Bay Area’s most popular and creative young emcees. Looking to his youthful TV favorites for inspiration, Nef provides a lively update to a classic Nickelodeon theme song on Kenan & Kel.” Riding the monstrously funky bassline from Coolio‘s original theme song for Kenan & Kel, the kid-friendly sitcom starring future SNL star Kenan Thompson and Mystery Man Kel Mitchell, Nef shows off his unstoppable rhymes, saluting his crew, and interpolating the melody from Parliament’s classic “Flash Light,” and sneaking in several references to the beloved series: “Who like Orange Soda, Neffy do/I just wanna bust a bag with you/Diamonds dancing, changing colors, oooh/Bitch I’m rich, I’m only twenty-two.” Premiered by VIBE, “Kenan & Kel” is a sunshine-drenched burst of nostalgia and Exhibit A proving Nef’s case as the most fun rhymer on the West Coast.

Combining an old-school, colorful rhyming style with pristine, state-of-the-art Bay Area production, Nef’s The Chang Project, released earlier this year, is a mature effort from the Sick Wid It signee, representative of his growth from teenaged phenom to a father and a leader. With colorful and fun tracks such as the  Noisey-premiered, SXSW-set “Spice,” which featured SOB x RBE’s Yhung T.O.Move4,” featuring OMB Peezy and Jay Ant, and the hit Bling Blaow,” which has over 2.5 million views on YouTube, Boasting appearances from Ty Dolla $ign, Larry June, Caleborate, SOB x RBE, OMB PeezyJay Ant, and others, The Chang Project is an appetizer for The Big Chang Theory, Nef’s upcoming debut album. This summer, Nef The Pharaoh opened for A$AP Ferg at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and graced the stage this as a hometown hero at Rolling Loud Bay Area. Most recently, Nef somberly and intelligently addressed social issues in the video for LOE Gino’s Interlude,”Nef’s collaboration with fellow Oakland rapper LOE Gino. This weekend, Nef The Pharaoh will grace the stage of Rolling Loud Southern California in Mountain View, California.

Listen to “Kenan & Kel”:

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The Background:

Praised by Jeff Weiss as “the best rapper from Vallejo since the last great rapper from Vallejo,” the legendMac Dre being his predecessor, 21 -year-old Nef The Pharaoh is one of the Bay Area’s most exciting young emcees. Signed to E-40‘s Sick Wid It RecordsNef The Pharaoh delivered his debut retail release, a self-titled EP, in November 2015 to high critical praise. Featuring the breakthrough radio hit “Big Tymin’,” which charted at #34 on San Francisco’s 106 KMEL‘s Top 106 Songs of 2015 and earned more than 7.7 million views on YouTube, the Nef The Pharaoh EP firmly established the rapper on the national scene. Nef followed his breakthrough project by joining producer Cardo for Neffy Got Wingsa collaborative EP which released in January, and by accompanying G-EazyA$AP Ferg, and Marc E. Bassy on the national When It’s Dark Out Tour. Nef’s next project, Fresh Outta Space 3, came out September 1st.

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“Kenan & Kel”:

“LOE Gino’s Interlude” ft. LOE Gino:

“Poppin Again”:

“Drop Addy”:

“Bling Blaow!” ft. SOB x RBE (Slimmy B): //

“Move4” ft. OMB Peezy & Jay Ant:

“Create a Wave” ft. 24hrs:

The Chang //

“Back Out” ft. Ty Dolla $ign:

“Spice” ft. SOB x RBE (Yhung T.O.):

“Put You On” ft. Juvenile:

Fresh Out Space 3:

Neffy Got Wings

“Big Tymin'”:

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