Album: Noelz Vedere – Bittersweet Victory 

 Noelz Vedere Releases Introspective Freshman Album Bittersweet Victory, Premiered via HotNewHipHop


Bittersweet Victory Cover
Critical Praise for Noelz Vedere:

“Noelz Vedere is ready to represent Chi-Town… This is a name to watch this year.” – Earmilk

“Advanced song writing skill, sharp delivery presence, unorthodox rhyming and smooth melodics.” – Hypetrak

“…it’ll become quickly apparent that he fits in with the realm of recent rap studs coming out of the city (Chicago).” – Potholes In My Blog

“This is an awesome display of rapping right here.” – Kevin Nottingham

“He raps with the strength of a thousand emcees. He steps to the mic and delivers his potent bars in a feverish, aggressive, cutting flow that drives the record more than the prodigious boardwork.” – DJBooth

“This right here is tough as hell… Noelz has our attention.” – OnSMASH 

The Album:

Holding as a genuine testimony to real life issues with a bit of flashy flavor, Chicago rapper Noelz Vedere unleashes his debut album, Bittersweet Victory, for free download and streaming. “Noelz Vedere is a new face when it comes to the rap game, but he’s quickly making waves on the blogosphere,” says HotNewHipHop, who premiered the album earlier today. Raised in Chicago’s less heralded Northside, Vedere introduces an original sound to a market that’s currently being flooded with thriving Chicago MC’s. “The Northside of Chicago is different in the sense of diversity,” he says in a recent interview with HipHopDX. “Out South and West are typically known for their own certain styles, while up North is a blend of everything mashed up together.” 

Anticipation for the project began months ago, when HYPETRAK debuted Vedere’s single “High Class,” which features Cool Kids rapper Sir Michael Rocks. More recently, Freddie Gibbs traded verses with Vedere on “Out of Focus.” The smokey, distorted visual debuted with Noisey, who says “Vedere scans less a contemporary of Chief Keef and more of a hard-spitting, new-school hardhead in the mold of Twista.”

While the aforementioned songs featuring Gangsta Gibbs and Mikey Rocks showcase Vedere’s ability to shine with slightly more aggressive, braggadocios raps, there are other segments of the album that delve into his more sentimental, introspective thoughts. Future R & B singer Sunni Colon appears on “Bittersweet,” which looks within to explore the balance between good and bad. Former American Idol constestant Kiara Lanier, who made a popular singing appearance on the intro to Chance the Rapper‘s Acid Rap mixtape, features on “Censored Love.” Vedere explains, “I’ve always wanted to make a great love song, but wasn’t sure how to do it in a creative way which wasn’t ordinary. Aside from my current situation, I’ve never had genuine relations with someone that didn’t seem masked – so I used that exact concept to create this song based on past experiences.”

On Bittersweet Victory, Vedere puts everything going on in his mind, and in his life into perspective for the audience, whether it be dealing with relationships, confidence, or being a lyrical beast. With a variety of song concepts on display, Vedere bears his soul and provides the listener with sultry tracks while simultaneously spitting the cold hard truth.

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Tracklist for Noelz Vedere – Bittersweet Victory:

01-“Promise Land” (ft. Kaye Fox, Ben Official, & Kiara Lanier)
02-“Let Me Burn”
04-“Out of Focus” (ft. Freddie Gibbs)
05-“Bittersweet” (ft. Sunni Colon)
06-“So Blessed”
07-“Censored Love” (ft. Kiara Lanier)
08-“High Class” (ft. Sir Michael Rocks)
09-“Garden of Eden” (ft. Jahzel, A-Cross, & Chris Alonzo)
10-“Fallen Soldier”

Bittersweet Victory Cover

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Noelz Vedere Background:

ChicagoIllinois has hip-hop’s spotlight for 2014. From a global superstar like Kanye West to emerging talents like Chance The Rapper, the crossroads between the East and the West has a colorful youth movement with new approaches to music-making. That is especially true of Noelz Vedere, a 24 year-old hip-hop artist from the rarely chronicled North side of the city. “I literally have friends who own houses in the hundreds of thousands, and I have friends who are below the poverty line,” he explains, of his music’s place. “Me being in the middle, it exposes me to so many aspects of life. I can relate to what Chief Keef is saying, what Chance is talking about, and what Rockie Fresh is creating. There’s so much beauty in Chicago right now.”

The Windy City’s complexity plays well against Noelz’ upcoming studio debut, Bittersweet Victory. The album, featuring Freddie Gibbs and The Cool KidsSir Michael Rocks, is heavy on both inspiration and aspiration. “My first project (Popular Kid) came out and I got a lot of local recognition, but at the same time it wasn’t where I wanted to be. There are still a lot of gatekeepers and doors with keys I’m trying to find. So I feel that I’m blossoming into my glory, but it’s still a bittersweet feeling.” In 2011, Noelz burst onto the scene in a way that was even shocking to him. A song he recorded with would-be Maybach Music Group artist Rockie Fresh and Kids These Days frontman Vic Mensa mysteriously leaked to the web, with sites large and small showing “King Me” to the court. “I had never gotten so much exposure in my life,” Noelz admits, as he rushed to feed the masses a body of work. Popular Kid, a reference to the overnight exposure, dropped quickly after. Vedere now says the hasty process made him adopt a slower, refined approach to his sophomore release.

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Bittersweet Victory

“Out Of Focus” (ft. Freddie Gibbs):


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