Offset Jim Announces Rich Off The Pack, A New Album, Coming October via EMPIRE

The Oakland Rapper Connects with Detroit’s Babyface Ray for “Make No Sense” Video

The Respected Play Runners Association Rapper Looks to Reach the Next Level With His Second Solo Full-Length, Featuring EST Gee, Aitch, Kenny Beats, and Jim’s PRA Associate ALLBLACK

Critical Praise:

“Offset Jim’s music feels current in the sense that it’s vital, loose, and alive, but it also feels totally unswayed by the creative winds of the moment. From production to slang to wobbling beats with stuttering drums, it’s aggressively, audaciously Oakland.” – Vulture

“Offset Jim keeps his voice low-key and contained, and somehow that makes his sh*t slap all the harder.” – Stereogum

“Jim prefers his deadpan snarl, firing off boasts and threats like poisonous darts… You’re probably not going to miss anything, but you’ll still want to run it back.” – Passion of the Weiss

The Announcement:

A master of deadpan flexes who’s seen it all, Offset Jim is looking to become the Bay’s next self-made star. Today, the Oakland native announces Rich Off The Pack, his next project, a 9-track hustler’s manifesto. A detail-oriented and methodical rapper, Offset Jim’s songs are a master class in money-getting, his low tone and blasé demeanor giving the impression that he’s divulging secrets that provide the key to solving the struggles of street life. The Play Runners Association artist’s approaches beats from the same crystal clear headspace that allowed him to thrive as a hustler, painting the contours of instrumentals with his wry observations, heartfelt reflections, and snide statements of superiority.

The sound of Rich Off The Pack is deeply informed by Jim’s hometown of Oakland, but the new project finds him expanding his horizons, welcoming new sounds and unlikely collaborators into his vivid world. Rich Off The Pack boasts multiple instrumentals from Jim’s frequent collaborator DTB, who injects the project with his signature mob funk, but also features an East Coast-style heater from Kenny Beats on recent single “Face Card,” and an emotional, trumpet-laden instrumental on the confessional “Thugs Cry.” The album’s list of features indicates the broad support for Jim across multiple regions of the rap game–Jim’s close friend ALLBLACK makes an appearance, but the artist also rolls out the red carpet for Louisville’s EST Gee, Detroit’s Babyface Ray, and Aitch, a major figure from the UK rap scene. Currently available for pre-save/pre-order Rich Off The Pack arrives on October 15th via Play Runners Association/EMPIRE.

Along with the announcement of the album, Jim shares Make No Sense,” a new video featuring Babyface Ray. Blessed with a beat from DTB, marked by staccato electric piano that duels with the propulsive mob percussion, “Make No Sense” finds the ever-analytical Jim expressing his distaste for nonsense of any kind and vowing to spin back at anyone why tries to pull anything. On his verse, Babyface Ray complements Jim’s toe-tagging flow with an against-the-beat cadence, the Detroit artist matching the Oakland rapper’s deadpan delivery. Directed by Creating Paradise, the video is a stylish, night-set clip, finding Jim and Ray commanding a squad of homies and counting stacks of cash. The clip follows recent movies for singles like Members Only” and Regular.

A member of Play Runners Association, along with close friend  ALLBLACK, Offset Jim has stood out in a crowded Bay Area rap scene. A native of a neighborhood in Oakland known as the Murder Dubs, Jim made a splash in 2019 with two projects–his solo effort No Pressure, which featured the local hit title track (over 3 million combined plays on Spotify and YouTube), and 22nd Ways, his collab mixtape with ALLBLACK, home to Bay Area favorites “Trip On It” (over 7 million Spotify streams) and “Fees” ft. Capolow. Offset Jim is a favorite collaborator of many on the West Coast scene, with tracks on the books with G-EazyNef The PharaohShootergang KonyBravo The Bagchaser, and more.

With Rich Off The Pack coming this fall, Offset Jim is looking to raise his profile from local hero to national concern. Stay tuned.

Pre-order Rich Off The Pack: https://music.empi.re/richoffthepack

Buy/Stream “Make No Sense” ft. Babyface Ray: https://music.empi.re/makenosense

Watch “Make No Sense” ft. Babyface Ray: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHUc2mBQlDM

Rich Off The Pack tracklist:

  1. Members Only
  2. Face Card ft. Kenny Beats
  3. Regular
  4. Make No Sense ft. Babyface Ray
  5. Stepping On N****s ft. ALLBLACK
  6. Leave Nothing
  7. Thugs Cry
  8. Off White Mikes ft. EST Gee
  9. Chinese K ft. Aitch


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Pre-order Rich Off The Pack: https://music.empi.re/richoffthepack

“Make No Sense” ft. Babyface Ray: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHUc2mBQlDM

“Members Only”:  https://music.empi.re/membersonly

“Regular’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dud4zzi5dsI

“Face Card” ft. Kenny Beats: https://youtu.be/G6lh9RDdlmM / khttps://music.empi.re/facecard