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“There’s no way to discuss Memphis’ current run in hip-hop without referencing the late Young Dolph and his Paper Route Empire.” XXL

“Consisting of vulnerable odes paying homage and respect to Flippa amid more free-wheeling fare, Long Live Young Dolph marks the beginning of a new chapter for Paper Route Empire and is a reminder that true leaders will always remain in spirit.”VIBE

“…the members of Paper Route Empire reach a level of sincerity and emotional reflection that’s still hard to come by.” Pitchfork

“While the rap world’s mourning of Young Dolph has remained steadfast since his passing, the Paper Route Empire legacy continues to be built with its remaining stable of potential stars.” – VIBE

Founded by rapper Young Dolph and Jeremel “DaddyO” Moore, Paper Route Empire is one of the premier independent labels in hip-hop. Artists signed to PRE include Key Glock, Big Moochie Grape, Kenny Muney, SNUPE BANDZ, Joddy Badass, PaperRoute Woo, Bigg Unccc, and ChiTana.

Press Releases

Jay Fizzle & 03 Greedo Stay Down in “Still The Same” Video
SNUPE BANDZ Beats the Odds in “Scarred” Video
Jay Fizzle is Young, Black, and Rich in “YBR” Video
Memphis Rapper Jay Fizzle Was Built For Street Success
Big Moochie Grape is “Going Crazy,” Announces 11/24 Arrival of ‘East Haiti Baby: Incarcerated’ Mixtape
Big Moochie Grape Keeps “Workin,” Shares New Song and Announces ‘East Haiti Baby: Incarcerated’ Mixtape
Young Dolph’s Ida Mae Foundation Presents ‘Dolph Day’ Day of Service on 11/17
Jay Fizzle Keeps a Low Profile in “F*ck Being Famous” Video
Jay Fizzle Makes a House Call in “Back Breaker” Video
Jay Fizzle & SNUPE BANDZ Go Full Wiseguy in “Good Fellas” Video
Jay Fizzle Rejects the Fame, Embraces His Paper Route Empire on New Project
PRE’s Jay Fizzle Announces 9/29 ‘F*ck Being Famous’ Tape, Shares “Dickie Set” Video
Jay Fizzle Turns Up the Energy in “Been Going Crazy”
SNUPE BANDZ and PaperRoute Woo Are The Hood Mario & Luigi On “Super Trap Bros”
Dolphland Museum Tour Concludes with 5/28 “Love For The Streets Car Show” in Memphis
SNUPE BANDZ Inspires the Youth in “Bigger Dreams” Video
PaperRoute Woo Tees Off in “Different Channel” Video
SNUPE BANDZ & PaperRoute Woo Make the Dream Work in “Team Player”
Jay Fizzle Just Does It in “Nike Check” Video
Watch Young Dolph’s Video for “Love For The Streets” From ‘Paper Route Frank’
Jay Fizzle Has It His Way in “King Sh*t” Video
SNUPE BANDZ Takes Bankroll Freddie Somewhere You Can’t Go in “Green Beam” Video
Hear Young Dolph’s New Single “Old Ways,” ‘Paper Route Frank’ Tracklist Revealed
SNUPE Bandz, PaperRoute Woo, and Duke Deuce Make a Fearsome Trio
Jay Fizzle Does it All to Make “Granny Happy” in New Video
Young Dolph’s Posthumous Album ‘Paper Route Frank’ Coming December 2022, Hear “Get Away” Single
SNUPE BANDZ and Paper Route Woo Travel to Cali in “When I’m Bored”
Young Dolph’s Estate and Paper Route Empire to Host Memphis ‘Dolph Day of Service’ Next Thursday 11/17
Jay Fizzle Gets So Icy in “Gucci Mane” Video
Jay Fizzle Bosses Up With DonaFizzo (Deluxe) ft. Key Glock & More
SNUPE BANDZ and Paper Route Woo Are Memphis-Proud on “Mold Me”
SNUPE BANDZ & PaperRoute Woo Got the Ticket on ‘BOYZ N THE HOOD’
Super Trap Bros. SNUPE BANDZ and PaperRoute Woo Live Large in “Straight Like That” Video
PRE’s Snupe Bandz and PaperRoute Woo Prepare for ‘Boyz In The Hood’ With “Dam Fool” Video
Jay Fizzle, Big Scarr & Big Moochie Grape Join Forces for “Dust Town Livin”
PRE’s Snupe Bandz and PaperRoute Woo Prepare for ‘Boyz In The Hood’ With “Dam Fool” Video
PRE Rapper Bigg Unccc Shares “Gun Don’t Work” Video from ‘Young Rich Villain’
PRE’s Bigg Unccc Turns Heel for ‘Young Rich Villain’ Mixtape
PRE’s Bigg Unccc Announces ‘Young Rich Villain’ Project, Shares “Call Of Duty” Video
Jay Fizzle Hosts a PRE Party in Memphis for “Hood Rich” Video
PRE’s Bigg Unccc Sends a Message With Haunting “Free Roccout” Video
Jay Fizzle & 21 Lil Harold Get Freaky at a Car Wash in a New Video
Jay Fizzle Leaves the Opps Shell-Shocked on ‘DonaFizzo’
Jay Fizzle Teams with Key Glock for New Single from 8/12 DonaFizzo Mixtape
Hear Young Dolph’s First Posthumous Single “Hall of Fame”
PRE’s Chitana Shares Video for Young Dolph-Featuring “Love For Me”
It’s All in a Day’s Work for Jay Fizzle on “Last Song”
Big Moochie Grape Knows it Takes a Village to Raise the Illest on ‘East Haiti Baby’
Unfiltered Grape: Big Moochie Grape Shares “Uncut & Raw” from East Haiti Baby
PRE’s SNUPE BANDZ Makes the Trap Bounce in “Barnacle Boy” Video
Big Moochie Grape Prepares New Mixtape, Remains Incomparable in “I’m The One” Single
Jay Fizzle Conducts “Paper Route Bidness” in a Icy New Video
Jay Fizzle Keeps It Mellow Like Donatello in “Zaba Freestyle”
PRE’s Jay Fizzle Sizzles in New “4HOS” Video
PRE’s Jay Fizzle Pays Tribute to His Mentor in “LLD” Video
PRE’s SNUPE BANDZ Explains Why He Flexes So Hard in a New Video
PRE’s Joddy Badass and SNUPE BANDZ Get Seductive in “I Like” Video from LLD
Big Moochie Grape Builds Paper Route Pyramids in New Video “In Dolph We Trust”
Bigg Unccc Looks Skyward with Somber Gratitude in “Letter To Flippa”
Kenny Muney Remembers His Mentor in “Role Model” Video
Paper Route Empire Honors Young Dolph and Puts Stamp on 2022 with Heartfelt Project
Paper Route Empire Announces 2022 Releases, Shares Key Glock’s “Proud”
Paper Route Empire Honors Young Dolph with ‘Long Live Dolph’ Mixtape, Coming 1/21
Long Live Young Dolph
Young Dolph & PRE Share PAPER ROUTE iLLUMINATI Label Mixtape, Drop Key Glock’s “Mister Glock 2” Video
Young Dolph Announces PAPER ROUTE iLUMMINATi Label Tape

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