MP3: ProbCause – “Pale Moonlight” ft. Donnie Trumpet

and KSRA

Melancholy, Jazz-Infused Second Single Shows Versatility of Chicago Rapper’s WAVES EP


Critical Praise for ProbCause:

“ProbCause nimbly rides fusion-friendly hip-hop tracks; there’s the DJ Screwed-up dubstep buzzer ‘Ego Trip’ and the ecstatic rap-rock track ‘Neon Dreams.'” – SPIN

“He’s a great rapper who you can imagine killing it at open mics, cyphers and old-school styled club nights.” –  PotholesInMyBlog

“You’ll find WAVES incorporates several different genres within it’s overall hip-hop vibe– electronic, rock, and blues are some of the other elements tapped…”HotNewHipHop

“The rising rapper […] has continued to dominate his own lane… Prob will have you locked in.” – XXL

“…just one conversation with ProbCause is enough to make you realize that he’s deeper than even his most serious lyrics suggest.” –

“The lanky MC’s vocal gymnastics have an elastic flow… he raps like a fan in the crowd hollering at the DJ to pump up the volume.”Chicago Reader

It’s diverse, veering from slower flows erring in the sub-genre of jazz-rap to hard-hitting, hard-spitting electro-rap. It’s a perfect summer project…”HillyDilly

“In Chicago and beyond, ProbCause is one to watch. His skills, creativity and persona are refreshing and unlike much else. There is a spin on everything that sounds and feels distinctly his. In both the rap game and the art world he is changing the rules.” –

The Song:

Earlier this month, SPIN debuted Chicago rapper ProbCause’s WAVES EP for stream and free download. The release followed the trap/juke-inspired “Chicago Style” single and video, as well as the Hood Internet’s remix of the Chance the Rapper-featuring “LSD,” and a 40-city tour with electro-pop duo Cherub. While on tour, ProbCause would travel home, often on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to attend classes at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he just received his MFA for painting and drawing. Needless to say, it’s been a busy few months for the MC that also designs his own cover art.

ProbCause’s latest single, “Pale Moonlight,” is a melancholy, jazz-infused soundscape that features trumpeter Donnie Trumpet and vocalist KSRA, with additional production by Wes P. “Jewels, brilliantine/Stardom and majesty/Like a king to riches, pursue the brilliant skin that’s me/Cause I can’t scream that loud – I’ma treasure – quiet like Chicago crowds,” sings KSRA on the song’s chorus. ProbCause explains, “she’s basically talking about being out on the town, all done up and knowing that she’s a queen whether other people know it or not. She’s a quiet queen.” The song has proven to be a fan favorite, having exceeded 80K listens on Soundcloud since the EP’s release just two weeks ago.

Listen to “Pale Moonlight” ft. Donnie Trumpet and KSRA (prod. Wes P):

Check out the SPIN premiere of WAVES

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ProbCause – WAVES EP tracklist:
1 – “Meditate” (Prod. by Two Fresh)
2 – “Ego Trip” (feat. Fluffy) (Prod. by Fortified Sounds)
3 – “Neon Dreams” (Prod. by Exmag)
4 – “Pairadice” (Prod. by Drew Mantia)
5 – “Chicago Style” (feat. Twista) (Prod. by Fortified Sounds & Drew Mantia)
6 – “Breezy” (feat. Gibbz) (Prod. by Cofresi)
7 – “One of a Kind” (feat. The O’MY’s) (Prod. by Carter)
8 – “Pale Moonlight” (feat. Donnie Trumpet & KSRA) (Prod. by Wes P.)
9 – “Back in the Day” (feat. Psalm One & KSRA (Prod. by Drew Mantia)
10 – “LSD (Hood Internet Remix)” (feat. Chance the Rapper) (Prod. by The Hood Internet)

Please contact Michelle or Rory if interested in talking with ProbCause.

ProbCause Background:

We drew a line in the sand, and ProbCause crossed it. Over and over again. Eventually, we gave up on drawing lines and left that to him. Not only is ProbCause a prolific rapper, but a painter too. Between SXSW, North Coast, Costa Rica, and tour dates nation-wide, ProbCause is keeping busy. When he’s not on the road doing shows, he’s getting friendly with his paintbrush and inspiring fellow students at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. His sound jumps from hip hop, to electronic, to R & B, and then back to a classic boom-bap gritty rap. With stories that make you reminisce and a percussive delivery that highlights his versatile production, ProbCause is one of the most dynamic touring acts.

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“Pale Moonlight” (feat. Donnie Trumpet and KSRA) :


“Chicago Style”:

“Chicago Style”:

“LSD” (Hood Internet Remix):

“LSD” (feat. Chance the Rapper):


“LSD” (feat. Chance the Rapper):

“Three Course Meal” (feat. Action Bronson and Chance the Rapper):

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