Bronx Rapper Ron Suno Shares Jokes Up, His New Project, With Appearances from Sheff G, DDG, Fetty Wap, and More

The Charismatic, SBL-Signed Rising Star Releases “Grabba” Today at 3pm ET via YouTube Premiere

Equally Blessed with Rap Skills and Comedic Chops, the 20-Year-Old Artist Brings a Boisterous Danceability to the NYC Drill Scene

Critical Praise:

“Whether he’s getting tons of retweets because he danced with Hip Hop Harry on Instagram, or churning out yet another song that shows off his personality, the rapper finds a way to keep all eyes in his direction.”XXL

“Posting skits that exude his loud personality and hilarious sense-of-humor, his #WeaveChallenge became an instant sensation — cementing his name in the entertainment industry.” – FLAUNT

The Project:

Unleashing an endless torrent of punchlines with his forcefully nimble flow, Ron Suno is a funny guy with serious talent. Dropping the comedic facade and letting the artist shine through, the 20-year-old Bronx native shares Jokes Uphis new project. A master of many disciplines, Suno approached the creation of Jokes Up with laser focus, determined to prove his worth as a rapper. He used to create songs by freestyling, but for the music on Jokes Up, Ron flexed his pen game, focusing on the message of his music and massaging his bars until they seamlessly flow together. Combining a locked-in flow with snappy lyricism and quips that humorously undercut his bravado, the SBL rapper takes his emceeing to a new level on Jokes Up, nimbly tiptoeing atop skittering hi-hats and going toe-to-toe with some of the finest rappers in the Five Boroughs.

Jokes Up is an elevation,” says Ron Suno. “All my life I’ve been challenged. People thought I couldn’t be serious. With Jokes Up, I’m showing people that I’m one to be taken seriously, even if not everything I say is serious. My last project, Swag Like Mike, was a project that introduced me and showed off my personality. On Jokes Up, I want to prove that I’m one to watch for the future. I’m Ron Suno, you gotta know me.”

The music on the project bears many of the signatures of NYC drill–sliding 808s, ominous pianos, and syncopated snares–but is infused with Ron’s flair for the dramatic: when picking backing tracks, Ron searches for beats with operatic grandeur, often with a hyperactivity that evokes video game boss battles. To Ron Suno, drill is about much more than acting tough–Ron’s strain of drill makes the case for the style as party music, perfect for dancing and having fun. The project is home to recent singles like “Winners,” a fiery new collab with Brooklyn figurehead Sheff G that has over 1.7 million views on YouTube, “Bandit,” a fiercely slick banger with over 1 million YouTube views, and Drill Zoo,” featuring the one-and-only Fetty Wap. Featuring additional appearances from DDG and Jay CritchJokes Up is available everywhere via SBL, LLC / EMPIRE.

Along with the project, Ron Suno prepares to share the video for Grabba,” a Jokes Up highlight, releasing at 3pm ET today (the YouTube premiere goes live at 2pm). Blessed with a haunting drill instrumental populated by haunting synths and see-sawing 808s, “GRABBA” is an outrageously confident flex fest, the 20-year-old rapper stringing together boisterous boasts with verbal flair: “Told her to rate me on a scale from 1 to 10, goddamn I nearly broke the meter.” In the video, directed by his frequent collaborator David Janoff, Ron continues his mission to make people understand drill music’s party potential. He rocks a vintage Ray Allen Milwaukee Bucks jersey as he hits up his favorite bodegas, and splices in comedic clips of the charismatic rapper interacting with Bronx locals. The video ends with a snippet of the project’s opening track “SEMI,” a more somber track that shows off the side of Suno that people have not yet seen.

Ever since dropping Swag Like Mike, featuring hit singles like “SPIDER-MAN” ft. Fivio Foreign,  in 2020, Ron Suno has been on an unstoppable upward rise, collaborating with rappers like DDG and Smoove’L, speaking with XXL and FLAUNT, and co-starring in BK Juice, a new film by his NYC cohort Rah Swish. The sky’s the limit for the young riser, who obliterates the boundaries between mediums with his force of personality.

“I want Jokes Up to give my fans the courage to be themselves,” says Ron Suno. “When you listen to my music, you’re hearing me. I’m not trying to be or sound like anybody else. When you’re being yourself, the only person who can stop yourself is you.”

Buy/Stream Jokes Uphttp://music.empi.re/jokesup

Join the YT premiere for “Grabba” at 2pm for the 3pm video release: https://youtu.be/RuF25kaL7-M

Jokes Up tracklist:
3. Bandit
6. Drill Zoo ft. Fetty Wap
8. OH LA LA ft. Jay Critch
9. HOT
11. WRAITH ft. DDG
12. WINNERS ft. Sheff G

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The Background:

Winning fans with his unique blend of skills, Ron Suno built up a massive following on Instagram (over 1 million followers), YouTube, SoundCloud, and TikTok with his amusing skits and admirable artistry. Ever since high school, Suno has been a restless creative. He uses every expressive outlet available to him to get his message across, from music to short-form video to dance challenges to acting in BK Juice, a new film starring his NYC cohort Rah Swish. Suno’s music career started to take off in 2019 when he dropped “Pinocchio,” which racked up over 9 million Spotify streams and caught the attention of Blueface, who hopped on the remix. Last June, buoyed by the momentum of “Pinocchio,” Ron released Swag Like Mike, the project that put Suno on the map with hit singles like “SPIDER-MAN” ft. Fivio Foreign. 

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Jokes Uphttp://music.empi.re/jokesup

“GRABBA”: https://youtu.be/RuF25kaL7-M

“Drill Zoo” ft. Fetty Wap: https://youtu.be/rTcR1PyS6XY

“Ya Mans”: https://youtu.be/0Q2yvBsreTk / https://music.empi.re/yamans

“Winners” ft. Sheff G: https://music.empi.re/winners / https://youtu.be/civ6_eDgSxo

“Bandit”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhyTgUHe68c

Swag Like Mike: apple | spotify

“Spider-Man” ft. Fivio Foreign: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J36B9zyBPGc

“Netflix”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7G6GVPPtHs

“Pinocchio”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1w_lETp9X8