Video: Sadistik – “Out the Dark”

Seattle Indie-Rapper Sadistik Drops Plato-inspired  Music Video, Premiered by 2DopeBoyz, Following Release of Salo Sessions EP


out the dark

Critical Praise:

“Sadistik injects his lyrics with dark humor and lots of references to art and literature” Exclaim!

“[Sadistik] transcend[s] the newspeak that surrounds us in an age of paranoia and surveillance”Seattle Weekly

“Sadistik paints vivid pictures with his words that bring listeners into his state of mind”HipHopDX

The Video:

A fan recently contacted rapper Sadistik saying that she was a fire performer and available if he ever needed her for a video. Naturally, he took her up on the offer. Filmed in the SODO district of Seattle, “Out the Dark,” premiered by 2DopeBoyz, finds Sadistik in a warehouse surrounded by mannequins that he says “felt like a sensible symbol for the reality vs. perception theme of the song.” Influenced by poets Sylvia Plath, Alexander Pope, and Anne Sexton, among others, Sadistik’s rhymes reveal his admiration for good poetry. From his recently released Salo Sessions EP, “Out the Dark” merges caustic honesty with lyrical wit and technical innovation.

“I named this song ‘Out the Dark’ because at the time I couldn’t stop thinking about Plato’s Cave Analogy,” Sadistik explains. “If you’re not familiar, the analogy basically goes like this: Imagine a group of prisoners who have lived their entire lives inside of a cave, and they are only allowed to face away from the entrance (the light). At times, birds, animals, etc. would pass by the entrance, leaving silhouette shadows on the cave walls. Naturally, the prisoners would mistake these projections as actual reality instead of just shadows. Now, imagine one of the prisoners escapes and sees the reality of the real world and he realizes that his past experiences were mere projections of what was truly exists. The prisoner returns to the cave to proclaim what he’s learned (showing them ‘the light’), and to his astonishment, nobody in the cave believes him. In fact, they’re angry at him and insist the shadows are what’s real and castigate the escapee for his ideas.”

Sadistik’s Salo Sessions EP, released in January, is available to stream on Soundcloud and to purchase on Bandcamp.  Salo Sessions follow’s 2015’s Phantom Limbs, a collaborative EP with Kno of CunningLynguists, and 2014’s Ultraviolet, his most recent full-length album.  Ultraviolet peaked at #12 on the iTunes Hip-Hop chart and held the #1 spot on the CMJ Hip-Hop charts for two weeks.  In 2015, Sadistik headlined the 23-city Nightmares + Dreamscapes tour, featuring Sapient & Ceschi, toured with rapper Cage, performed at X Fest in Modesto, California and opened for Tech N9ne in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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Sadistik Background:

Sadistik is not just another rapper, he’s an artist in the deepest sense of the word. Hailing all the way from the scenic gloom of Seattle, Washington, Sadistik has quickly gained the hearts and ears of listeners by opting for a more personal and heartfelt brand of music. By combining caustic honesty, lyrical wit and technical innovation, Sadistik has crafted a sound that he can truly call his own while circumventing the limiting cliches of rap music.  Sadistik frequently collaborates with some of underground rap’s most revered wordsmiths like Tech N9ne, Eyedea, CunninLynguists and Sage Francis and some of the most talented producers in the underground scene, including Emancipator, Kno (of CunninLynguists), and Blue Sky Black Death. With a rigorous international touring schedule and on-stage appearances opening for Lupe Fiasco and Slaughterhouse, Sadistik is a hometown favorite and a strong force in the Indie Rap scene.

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“Out the Dark”:

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