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“Energetic, rowdy, and outright enthralling, Sharc’s off-the-wall deliveries and quotable lyrics make him an easily-identifiable act in a world filled with look-alikes.”Lyrical Lemonade

“Sharc adds his tenacious flair to these tracks, as the production helps to prove his versatility.”  Our Generation Music

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Press Releases

Sharc Goes on the Hunt for Pi’erre Bourne-Produced ‘Sharc Wave’ Mixtape

Sharc Calls the Shots in Pi’erre Bourne-Produced “Sicario”x

Pi’erre Bourne, Sharc & Frazier Trill Take The Wock on a World Tour With a Lil Yachty Remix
Sharc Goes on the Attack in “1 of 1” Video

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