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23-Year-Old Singer/Producer Sudie, Share Björk-Influenced “Bruise,” Debut via Indie Shuffle



Critical Praise for Sudie:

If the work under her belt is any indicator, a staggering talent like Sudie’s could very well be mentioned one day in the same breath as some of North Texas’ most notable women in music. – Dallas Observer News

“‘Heart Attack’ is the first taste of the 22-year-old’s sound that combines pop sensibilities with classical training and a dash of experimental DIYism.” Indie Shuffle

“Sudie is as every bit as talented as has been reported. She has a crowd-pleasing ability to carry a note to improbably soaring heights.”D Magazine

“Her style fuses the ache of Jazz legends like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday with the same eccentricity reminiscent of European artists Björk and Karin Dreijer Andersson.”Saint Heron

“Sudie has been on my radar for some time now, and from the looks of things she’s garnering compliments from others as well with each drop.”Artistic Manifesto

The Song:

The first feature artist on Black Milk’s recently launched Computer Ugly label, Dallas singer/songwriter Sudie is forging a new lane in music with her single “Bruise,” which premiered via Indie Shuffle. Borrowing influences from the likes of Björk and Billie Holiday, Sudie brings forth a captivating style that has been critically recognized. “Sudie is as every bit as talented as has been reported,” D Magazine raved, “She has a crowd-pleasing ability to carry a note to improbably soaring heights.”

“Bruise” is a work of art itself. The song holds three distinct sections, designed to transport listeners through different moods and spaces. Eclectic blends of percussive sounds support her voice that holds versatility to be sweet yet undeniably strong. Sudie opens the song with the lyrics “I’m faced with my mortality/fading into reality /a bruise upon my sanity,” channeling personal vulnerability into her music. “You see, a bruise will eventually go away… but it’s for damn sure you will never be prone to them,” Sudie explains. “Sometimes one just shows up and you have no recollection of how it even got there.”

For her young age, Sudie has a wide-ranging background in music—from studying opera and voice to gaining international influences from her teenage experiences in Dubai, she holds clear musicianship that reflects onto her projects. Her previous releases, including “Asiasaurus” and “Spill,” showcase Sudie’s ability to compose pieces that bring together these elements into a style that is her own. “Music is my way of spilling my guts to the world,” Sudie explains. “All of those things that either make the wheel rot or shiny are always turning in my head. If you want to know my darkest secrets, just listen to my music.” Sudie’s self-titled EP is slated to release April 2015.

Listen to “Bruise” here:

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Sudie Background:

Merging classical training with a unique DIY recording process, Sudie is an artist who’s truly forging her own territory. The 22-year-old singer, songwriter and musician, describes her sound as “something jazzy meets kind of crazy… if Bjork had arranged something for Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday to sing over.” It’s a sound she’s crafted all by herself, utilizing a pair of keyboards, a cheap microphone and a MacBook inside the confines of her tiny bathroom in Dallas, Texas, that’s taken her to Dubai and back. The result of that unusual process is a distinctive but accessible musical style, which fuses confessional, personal lyrics with influences from across the musical spectrum. Sudie will release her debut self-titled EP in April 2015 via Black Milk’s Computer Ugly record label.

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