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Video: AD x Sorry Jaynari – “40’s”

AD and Sorry Jaynari Lay Down a Vicious Assault in the EARMILK-Premiered Video for “40’s”


 Critical Praise:

“Chunky street-level grit vibing through ratchet beats, squiggly synths and aggro spitfire”Red Bull

He can rap in double-time, and he can deliver an absolute monster hook when he wants to. Mostly, though, he just wants to run through walls like a juggernaut. And when you’re listening to him, you get the feeling that you can do the same thing…the next time you’re trying to pull the roof off a Hyundai Excel with your teeth, you’re going to want some music like this in your life.” – Stereogum

The Video:

“You think this rappin’ shit is easy, boy? It take time,” shouts AD on “40’s,” the Compton rapper’s latest release. Parking his low-rider in a secluded lot in South Central, AD talks his shit in his latest video, warning potential assailants that he hasn’t gone soft just because he has a little fame and money in the bank: “40 on my waist and Imma let ’em know/Play the game that’s just how it go/Try to run up on me Imma let it blow/In these streets man, you never know.” Produced with verve by League of StarzSorry Jaynari, “40’s” is a hard-hitting left coast banger that paints a picture of a rapper at the crossroads between street life and success. Premiered by EARMILK, “40’s” is a highlight from The Last of the ’80s, the second collaborative album from AD and Sorry Jaynari.

Explains AD, “On Last of the ’80s, I wanted to give the people a real feel of what life is like for a rising star from the hood. ’40s’ shows that a lot changes and a lot stays the same when you get money. Anytime you are doing something positive, the haters show up. Anytime people think you have money you become a target for these ‘wolves.’ Most assume that you’re rich already and should be helping them, which ultimately turns envy to hate. I’m just letting it be known that I’m always gonna protect myself in any case–riding around with my 40 with the safety off.”

A vital resurrection of the spirit and sound of late-’80s/early-’90s-era gangsta rap, The Last of the ’80s is a worthy follow-up to AD and Sorry Jaynari’s 2016 album By The Way. Released by Priority Records, Last of the ’80s has AD and Sorry Jaynari continuing the West Coast rapper/producer lineage that includes Snoop & Dre, DJ Quik & Suga Free, and DJ Slip & MC Eiht. “Our sounds really come from the clubs and streets,” Sorry Jaynari explains. “For the sound of the west, we always had a certain sound that would be related to gang culture—fat bass lines, the leads, synth. Now it’s still basically the same structure that Dre used back then, but we made it faster and added 808s and bass.” Featuring appearances from Wiz Khalifa, Tory Lanez, OT Genasis, Kid Ink, Eric Bellinger, G Perico, and Kool John, the album spans 10 gas-pedal-kicking tracks including, the club-ready OT Genasis-featuring “Basic,” the cautionary tale “#CripLivesMatter,” and the Wiz Khalifa-featuring rider’s anthem “Leakin’.” Last of the ’80s is currently available for stream and purpose.

Watch “40’s”: https://youtu.be/JySu3Ri663c

Stream “40’s”: https://soundcloud.com/iitsad/40s?in=iitsad/sets/last-of-the-80s-ad-sorry // https://open.spotify.com/track/5UuDb86Vc4lv7GhiQ2B89B

Check out the EARMILK premiere: http://earmilk.com/2017/05/26/ad-and-sorry-jaynari-unveil-the-heat-with-video-for-40s-premiere/

Last of the ’80shttps://priority.lnk.to/LastOfThe80s // https://soundcloud.com/iitsad/sets/last-of-the-80s-ad-sorry

Please contact Michelle or Isabel for more info.

AD & Sorry Jaynari Background

Born in Compton and raised by his grandmother, AD cultivated a massive fanbase in his home state, receiving radio play on L.A. rap station KPWR for his hit single “Juice.” AD garnered critical acclaim for his mixtape Blue:89, a gangster rap epic with party jams and social commentary. A member of the League of Starz production collective, Sorry Jaynari is a mainstay on West Coast Radio, producing hits for Problem (“Like Whaat“), The Game (“T.H.O.T.“), and Eric Bellinger (“I Don’t Want Her“). Together, the rapper/producer duo combined for By The Way, released in Summer 2016, and their next project, Last Of The ’80s, is out now.

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“40’s”: https://youtu.be/JySu3Ri663c // https://soundcloud.com/leagueofstarz/40-ad // https://open.spotify.com/track/5UuDb86Vc4lv7GhiQ2B89B

Last of the ’80shttps://priority.lnk.to/LastOfThe80s // https://soundcloud.com/iitsad/sets/last-of-the-80s-ad-sorry

“Out The Hood”: https://youtu.be/f6YoD578K08

“Leakin” ft. Wiz Khalifa: https://youtu.be/fY_m17s-VsI

“#CripLivesMatter” ft. G Perico: https://youtu.be/oog-YwFFOLk

“Basic” ft. OT Genasis: https://youtu.be/dpxC21UYRNU

“Thug” ft. YG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBVeLeuV06I

“Strapped” ft. RJ and G Perico: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAt1yGOeLGM

“Tap In” Feat. E-40 & Nef The Pharaoh: https://soundcloud.com/iitsad/tap-in-feat-e40-nef

By The Way: https://soundcloud.com/iitsad/sets/by-the-way-ad-sorry-jaynari

“Juice”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KE9gXXDR4Tw

Blue:89: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/blue-89/id989198554

Bio, photos, and streams available here: http://www.audibletreats.com/ad-sorry-jaynari/