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Video: Ajey – “Fuck My Ex”

The Brooklyn-Born Emcee Totes the Rock by the Hudson in the Dirty Glove Bastard-Premiered Clip for the Met Her Off The Gram Highlight


The Video:

With an innate knack for conversational melodicism, Ajey wins fans with his effortless relatability. Addressing a former lover who wants him back now that he’s poppin’, Ajey gets the best revenge by living well on Fuck My Ex,” his latest video. Showing off his hoops skills for two beautiful ladies on the courts in Hudson River Park on Manhattan’s West Side, the video looks like an Instagram filter come to life, shot under neon light with a grainy rack focused lens. A wavy and slyly infectious jam with audio premiered last month by ELEVATOR, “Fuck My Ex” is a highlight from Met Her Off The Gram Ajey’s debut album released last month. Premiered by Dirty Glove Bastard,”Fuck My Ex” is the second video from Met Her Off The Gram, following “Single For Tonight,” which debuted on HipHopHundred last month.

An ultra-talented everyman, Ajey won a large social following on Instagram because of his emotional honesty–fans see reflections of themselves in his songs and respond to his nakedly raw lyrics. Born in the Bronx, Ajey and his twin brother were raised by a foster family, who moved the boys to Brooklyn and provided a path for Ajey to go to college. Over the past year, the 22-year-old rapper has developed a devoted following on Instagram, where he has over 112,000 followers, and SoundCloud where his tracks routinely get tens of thousands of plays. With multiple tracks produced by TxmmyMet Her Off The Gram is a wavy soundscape with gurgling synth, chiming keys, and subtly snapping percussion, allowing Ajey to fill the ample negative space with his smooth, rhythmic singing. Growing his legion of devotees with his relatable bars and infectious hooks, Ajey is primed to take over the rap game from the ground up, building a career atop social engagement and grassroots enthusiasm.

Watch “Fuck My Ex”: https://youtu.be/CNRA0-amtrY

Check out the Dirty Glove Bastard premiere:”: http://www.dirty-glove.net/dgb-premiere-ajey-fuck-my-ex/

Listen to Met Her Off the Gram: https://soundcloud.com/ajeymusic/sets/met-her-off-the-gram

Buy Met Her Off the Gram: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/met-her-off-the-gram/id1269745042

Please contact Michelle or Isabel for more info..

soundcloud | instagram

“Fuck My Ex”:  https://youtu.be/CNRA0-amtrY // https://soundcloud.com/ajeymusic/fuck-my-ex

“Single For Tonight”: https://youtu.be/jAW1lmlGxHY

Met Her Off the Gram: https://soundcloud.com/ajeymusic/sets/met-her-off-the-gram // https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/met-her-off-the-gram/id1269745042

“Selfish”: https://soundcloud.com/ajeymusic/selfish

“Jealous”: https://soundcloud.com/ajeymusic/jealous

“Regret”: https://soundcloud.com/ajeymusic/regret