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Video: ALX – “Stranger” ft. STUNNAGONMAKEIT

The “Prince of Naples” Pursues a Dangerous Love in the Nightclub-Set Video for His Synth-Heavy Single

Critical Praise:

“Bursting with personality, the laid-back, fun effort proves that talent runs strong in the Fike genes, and we can’t wait for more from the promising young star.” – HillyDilly

“ALX’s sound is an engrossing fusion between pop and hip-hop, creating a sound and vibe all his own.” – Ones To Watch

The Video:

Bursting out of Naples, FL with a fresh sound, ALX blurs the lines between trap music and modern pop. Finding the ideal visual accompaniment for his synth-heavy new single, ALX shares Stranger,” his new music video. Mixing vintage synth arpeggios with resonant 808s and trap’s trademark cicada hi-hat pattern, “Stranger” is an anthem dedicated to lust-at-first-sight, describing the precise moment that ALX falls head-over-heels. In the video, directed by Jochi Saca, ALX and guest rapper STUNNAGONMAKEIT hit the club, dressed to the nines in suits and sunglasses, where they encounter a stunning beauty in a red dress. Though she initially seems receptive to their moves, the femme fatale has a sinister motive, tying ALX and STUNNA up in the club’s back room and taking them for all they’ve got.

“Stranger” is ALX’s first new single since the release of The Fantasy, ALX’s debut EP. Borrowing the taffy-like melodies and crunchy guitars of pop-punk, the shifting vocal rhythms of hip-hop, and the smoothness of R&B, ALX’s songs tell breezy relationship stories with a wry sense of humor. The EP features highlights like Love On Top (1 million Spotify streams), a punchy ode to domestic bliss, the doomed romance rocker “Crash” (over 800k combined plays on YouTube and Spotify), and his debut single Misses, FL,” which earned over 320k views on its dreamy music video. ALX recently shared videos of acoustic performances of “Crash” and “Love On Top,” featuring his friend Ben Chandler on the guitar. The Fantasy EP is currently available for stream and purchase via Alamo Records.

A native of Naples, FL, ALX is an integral part of a thriving pop scene in his city, along with ripmattblackCapi, and ALX’s brother Dominic Fike. Stay tuned for much more from ALX, including a follow-up to The Fantasy, in the coming weeks and months.

Watch “Stranger” ft. STUNNAGONMAKEIT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39RuEnXG47k

Buy/Stream “Stranger” ft. STUNNAGONMAKEIT: http://smarturl.it/strangeralx

Please contact Michelle or Kevin for more info.

The Background:

ALX is a singer/songwriter hailing from Naples, Florida, who is signed to Alamo Records. In the beachside town of Naples, ALX cut his teeth making music with his older brother, Dominic Fike, and other friends including Ben Chandler, ripmattblack, and Capi.

The younger Fike’s genre-blending, in-your-face pop sounds are an amalgamation of his love of artists such as Justin Timberlake and Mariah Carey, and a conscious ear for the cutting edge alternative rock and hip hop music being made by some of his long-time collaborators. With charm to burn and a one-of-one sense of humor, Alx captivates audiences with his hilarious social media presence and eye-popping tattoos, as a cherry-on-top of his incredible musical abilities.

ALX released his debut EP The Fantasy in May 2020 via Alamo Records.

instagram | soundcloud | spotify

“Stranger” ft. STUNNAGONMAKEIT: http://smarturl.it/strangeralx / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39RuEnXG47k

“Crash” (Acoustic): https://youtu.be/as2tkmY2WS0

“Love On Top” (Acoustic): https://youtu.be/zMSK7yxdBAA

The Fantasy EP: http://smarturl.it/TheFantasy

“Crash”: https://youtu.be/BgCtvNjfWtA

“Love On Top”: https://youtu.be/dQybOnPt8Ic

“Misses, FL”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXFmmDBRDyw