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Video: Bill Murray & Wu-Tang Unite To Take Down Martin Shkreli In ProbCause Animation

In “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin,” The Graffiti Artist-Turned-Graphic Designer Rapper Shares Latest Animation



Critical Praise for ProbCause:

“ProbCause nimbly rides fusion-friendly hip-hop tracks; there’s the DJ Screwed-up dubstep buzzer ‘Ego Trip’ and the ecstatic rap-rock track ‘Neon Dreams.'” – SPIN

“He’s a great rapper who you can imagine killing it at open mics, cyphers and old-school styled club nights.” –  PotholesInMyBlog

“You’ll find WAVES incorporates several different genres within it’s overall hip-hop vibe– electronic, rock, and blues are some of the other elements tapped…” – HotNewHipHop

“The rising rapper […] has continued to dominate his own lane… Prob will have you locked in.” – XXL

“…just one conversation with ProbCause is enough to make you realize that he’s deeper than even his most serious lyrics suggest.” – Chicagoist.com

“The lanky MC’s vocal gymnastics have an elastic flow… he raps like a fan in the crowd hollering at the DJ to pump up the volume.” – Chicago Reader

“It’s diverse, veering from slower flows erring in the sub-genre of jazz-rap to hard-hitting, hard-spitting electro-rap. It’s a perfect summer project…” – HillyDilly

“In Chicago and beyond, ProbCause is one to watch. His skills, creativity and persona are refreshing and unlike much else. There is a spin on everything that sounds and feels distinctly his. In both the rap game and the art world he is changing the rules.” – FakeShoreDrive.com

The Video:

Chicago’s ProbCause is talented with more than just his words- the multi-faceted emcee is also a Graffiti artist-turned-graphic designer and animator. Today he’s sharing “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin,” an animation based on the infamous Martin Shkreli‘s $2 million-dollar purchase of the coveted Wu-Tang album. “The characters were all people who were actually involved in this very bizarre story,” explains ProbCause, who collaborated with Elijah Alvarado on the video. “It seemed like every day we were working on this there was a new twist on the plot. We also threw Donald Trump in the mix just ’cause that phone call to Method Man was too funny not to animate!”

ProbCause previously shared another animated video for his “Same Thing” single, produced by Drew Mantia from the A3C Volume 5 album. “I grew up drawing and was always attracted to graffiti,” ProbCause explained to Mass Appeal for the premiere post. “I started painting pretty young but got arrested a few too many times. It basically got to a point where I was putting my college scholarship on the line if I got arrested again, so I decided to chill out a little bit in my 20’s.”

ProbCause landed on the broader audiences radar in 2013 with his Chance the Rapper-assisted “LSD” video single, which was later remixed by The Hood Internet. The original song was the pair of Chicago rappers’ second time working together, with Action Bronson having joined them on “Three Course Meal.” This year ProbCause released his album Drifters, debuted by Red Bull Music, which revealed the highly collaborative and vibrant musical community within the city of Chicago. “I work with a lot of really talented musicians in Chicago so it was a very organic thing to involve them in the production process,” ProbCause explained. “[This album] is much more musical than anything I’ve made in the past.” Drifters followed an 18-city tour with Lil Dicky that spanned the East Coast and South in June, and came prior to ProbCause’s own headlining Drifters Tour. Stay tuned for more from the eclectic emcee.

Watch “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin”: https://youtu.be/gcmsB_7BNJw

Stream ProbCause’s Drifters album: https://soundcloud.com/probcause/sets/drifters

Please contact Michelle or Rory if interested in talking with ProbCause.

ProbCause Background:

ProbCause is a prolific rapper and a painter too. Between performing at SXSW, North Coast, Costa Rica, and tour dates nation-wide, ProbCause is keeping busy and inspiring fellow students at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. His sound, which jumps from hip-hop, to electronic, to RnB, and then back to a classic boom-bap gritty rap, helped get him signed to high-profile booking agency Paradigm. With stories that make you reminisce and a percussive delivery that highlights his versatile production skills, ProbCause is at the head of the pack of promising new Chicago artists.

official site | twitter | facebook | instagram | soundcloud | bandcamp

“Once Upon a Time in Shaolin”: https://youtu.be/gcmsB_7BNJw

“Same Thing”: https://youtu.be/wiqvmXG0-7g

“Pale Moonlight”: https://youtu.be/jvXBLiZYzvM

“The Woods” (Remix ft. Lil Dicky): https://soundcloud.com/probcause/the-woods-remix-ft-lil-dicky-1/

Drifters: https://soundcloud.com/probcause/sets/drifters

“Back To The Future” (Prod. by Gramatik): https://soundcloud.com/probcause/probcause-gramatik-back-to-the-future

“Chicago Style (Remix)”: https://soundcloud.com/nickraymondg/probcause-chicago-style-ft-twista-breakscience-mike-irish-remix

“I Feel U (prod. ProbCause & Dro): https://soundcloud.com/probcause/i-feel-u-produced-by-probcause-and-dro

“Tilt Mode” – Exmag ft. Gibbz (Manic Focus and ProbCause Remix): https://soundcloud.com/manicfocus/exmag-feat-gibbs-tilt-mode-manic-focus-and-probcause-remix

ZRO FOX EP: https://soundcloud.com/bonafyderecords/sets/zro-fox

“Might Not” ft. Sasha Go Hard: https://soundcloud.com/bonafyderecords/might-not-ft-sasha-go-hard // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05jiqtBg1jY

WAVES EP: https://soundcloud.com/probcause/sets/waves

“Chicago Style”: https://soundcloud.com/probcause/chicago-style // http://youtu.be/-msZxXK6xXg

“LSD” (Hood Internet Remix): https://soundcloud.com/probcause/lsd-ft-chance-the-rapper-hood-internet-remix

“LSD” ft. Chance the Rapper: https://soundcloud.com/probcause/lsd // http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfwGplBrAKc

“Three Course Meal” ft. Action Bronson & Chance the Rapper: https://soundcloud.com/probcause/probcause-three-course-meal

Bio, photos, and streams available here: http://www.audibletreats.com/probcause/