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“He lets his rhymes and flow do the heavy-lifting…” – Earmilk

“More heat where that came from…” – Okayplayer

“This self titled EP charts MerCure Dior‘s growth and introduces the multi-cultural visionary to a new group of incoming listeners.” – Jenesis Magazine

“Listening to ‘Purple Night Wishes’ by MerCure Dior is one of those majestic moments where you KNOW you’re listening to someone with skill well beyond their current reach.” – VRSMAG

Through artists ranging from Lorde and K’Naan, to Pitbull and M*I*A, Hip-Hop has never been as global as it is right now. Although he’s spent most of his life in Prince George County, Maryland, MerCure Dior is one of the connecting voices out to help bridge the cultural gaps. Born in Torino, Italy, MerCure (the MC/producer’s born-name) is the product of Cameroonian parents, including a father who is among Europe’s first Black television stars. With a debut, self-titled EP releasing August 5th this is a versatile artist with a unique perspective, and driven purpose in his music.

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Combining his first name with the international-themed “Dior,”MerCure has a rich musical heritage in his blood. Two of the teenager’s Cameroonian uncles are credited with inspiring globally mainstream songs for James Brown and Michael Jackson, respectively. The former, Andre Marie Tala, influences the Bendskin (Cameroon’s unique blend of pop & hip-hop) element in Dior’s sound. The latter, Manu Dibango, was sampled in the memorable riff to 1983’s Top 5 hit “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’.” That diaspora is something MerCure wishes for in his own art, given his vast makeup. “I can’t say I have an African culture, as that’s through my parents,” he admits. “I can’t really claim a full European culture, ‘cause I was raised in the US. I can’t exactly say I have an American upbringing too; I’m a product of other cultures. It’s always been like a triple-threat.”

Since the age of six, MerCure has incorporated those multi-faceted influences. Rapping since early elementary school, Dior was aware of his abilities when his music was making its rounds among classmates, and later, internationally online. Influenced greatly by the bold convictions and grand presentation of 2Pac and Kanye West, MerCure defied his age, and filled his music with messages. “My music is spiritual,” he says, careful not to be labeled by any particular sub-genre. “I’m a heavy believer, but I never want to shove it in peoples faces. I want to make music that brings people closer to their faith, and considering the afterlife, without it ever being put into a category.” This undertaking prompted MerCure Dior to establish The Disciple Life Ones, T.D.L.O. for short, and an acronym for his growing base. “If you believe, you’re a disciple. All I’m doing is making music that comes from Heaven. So if you’re a fan, you’re automatically a follower.”

The followers are growing, finding inspiration in the A$AP Ant-assisted “Gush,” whose video has drawn over 60,000 YouTube views, and new EP single, “OK Straight.” The song dismisses all notions of doubt and serves as an inspiring and catchy cut about staying calm and keeping focused through life’s adversities. With several viral videos, a cool demeanor, international flare, and self-produced beats, Dior has mass appeal. “It took a lot of work to learn to make a song with a groove,” MerCure says after 12 years refining his craft. “The reason why the kicks are such a big part of my music, is that I see music in shapes. Kicks represent power, like a triangle. Saxophones are peace, like circles.” Clearly an artist with vision, he adds, “I’m all about melody and bass. That’s my sound, with asnare.”

With over 100,000 views on YouTube, and 18,000 Twitter followers, the forthcoming self-released EP charts MerCure’s growth, and fully introduces the multi-cultural visionary. With a complex self-introductory second single, “Dreams Equal Secrets” on the horizon, Dior gives listeners reason to pay attention to his latest works. The three-song offering also includes twilight stream of consciousness in “Monday Night.” Looking at his growing catalog, the PG rapper/singer admits, “My proudest verse is generally always the last verse I write. When I write, it’s because I have to do. I’m not somebody who writes everyday. I create only when I’m inspired. My most proud verses are the ones that make me feel like I advanced, took another step. So it’s usually my latest.” With a self-made pathway, youthful exuberance, and a divine message, MerCure Dior is stepping into Hip-Hop’s future.


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